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June 2006

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Site Updates!
28/06/2006, 15:08pm BST
This Is The Last Story That I Will Ever Tell
The first of the two part Doctor Who series finale that will see the exit of Rose Tyler will be screened on BBC One this Saturday, 1st July 2006, at 19:00pm.
In the lead up to the final episode, Doomsday, BBC Three will be repeating the whole season.
You can check times etc in our diary here.
A huge ad campaign is currently screening across the network.
Click here to view screen caps from the trailer.
Click here to view promotional photos from Army Of Ghosts.
Radio Times Interview
An interview that Billie has done with the Radio Times has been making the headlines this week. In it she talks openly about her career as a popstar, her ups and downs and her wedding to Chris Evans.
You can read the interview here.
Fear Her Photos
I have uploaded some screen caps from last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, Fear Her.
You can view them here.

Fear Her Update!
23/06/2006, 17:15pm BST
Here are a couple of preview promotional photos of Billie Piper from the new episode of Doctor Who.
Fear Her will air on Saturday 24th June 2006 on BBC1 at 19:00pm.
Head over to the BBC Doctor Who site where they have updated the main page and added some fab goodies.

Site Update!
19/06/2006, 16:55pm BST
New screen caps and promotional photos from the latest episode of Doctor Who, Love & Monsters. Click here to view them!

Billie Bids Farwell To Doctor Who!
15/06/2006, 15:12pm BST
The BBC have issued the following statement revealing that Billie Piper has quit Doctor Who:
Award-winning Piper to depart at the end of series two. Billie Piper is leave Doctor Who in the nail-biting series two finale. Over the past two years, Billie has taken the character of Rose Tyler on an adventure of a lifetime, travelling across the galaxy with the Doctor. "Rose and I have gone on the most incredible journey with Russell T Davies and the cast and crew of Doctor Who over the past two years," said Billie.
"It has been an amazing adventure, and I can confirm it comes to an end, for now at least, as series two climaxes.
"I am truly indebted to Russell for giving me the chance to play Rose Tyler, and to all the Doctor Who fans old and new who have been so supportive of me in this amazing role. Thank you so much."
Russell T Davies, writer and Executive Producer adds: "It has been a wonderful experience working with Billie – we will miss her – and wish her all the success in the world for her future.
"However, the Doctor Who team have had a whole year to plan this final scene and have created a stunning exit for Rose Tyler.
"The Doctor lives a dangerous life and when Rose joined him on his adventures she was aware of this. With a series climax called Doomsday on its way, I can't guarantee who will survive and who won't, but I can assure you the TARDIS is going on its scariest journey yet!"
Since taking on the role of Rose Tyler, Billie has received both critical and popular acclaim. She was awarded The National Television Award for Most Popular Actress 2005 and The South Bank Show's Breakthrough Award for Rising British Talent.
Billie is currently filming the BBC's adaptation of multi award-winning writer Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke in which she plays the title role, Sally Lockhart.
Filming on the second novel The Shadow In The North will commence later this summer.
Doctor Who series three also starts filming again later this summer and will return with a Christmas special in 2006 and another series of 13 episodes for 2007.


Billie's Backpack Plans!
14/06/2006, 17:06pm BST

Billie Piper wants to take time out from her acting career to backpack around India and Africa. The Doctor Who actress is keen to explore more of the world - and doesn't want to do it in five star style. She told OK!: "I'd like to travel. I've done a bit but I want to explore India and Africa and have a proper experience. I don't just want to go for ten days, I want to go for three weeks or a month and just live it and experience it all."

Billie, 23, has already seen much of the world with former hubby Chris Evans but now says she wants to do "the traveller thing". She said: "I don't see the point in going to these incredible places and then staying in luxury hotels with air-con and room service. I really want to get to the heart of it all and slum around which will be so much more fun." She added: "I definitely need a couple of months off which I'm looking forward to. I want to allocate a considerable amount of time to travelling and then come back and hopefully get a job."

  • You can read the whole interview here.

Love & Monsters Update!
13/06/2006, 17:15pm BST
Here are a couple of preview promotional photos of Billie Piper from the new episode of Doctor Who.
Love & Monsters will air on Saturday 17th June 2006 on BBC1 at 19:00pm.
Head over to the BBC Doctor Who site where they have updated the main page and added some fab goodies!

Safety Message!
12/06/2006, 16:41pm BST
It has come to our attention that somebody has been masquerading as David Tennant via emails to fans and also by setting up a site.
We have consulted ICM and they have told us that these sites and emails are definately nothing to do with David Tennant.
The fake email is registered to a hotmail account so if you have been corresponding with this person please be aware that they are not David, nor do they have any connection to him.
Please do not accept MSN buddy requests from anybody you do not know and remember to never give out any details about yourself to anyone over the net.
There are also two websites hosted on the Bebo network, one for David and one for Billie Piper. Neither of these sites have anything to do with David or Billie so please don't be fooled into thinking that you are chatting to them.
Please remember how important it is to stay safe on the internet.

Site Update!
11/06/2006, 19:40pm BST
New screen caps and promotional photos from the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Satan Pit. Click here to view them!

Ruby In The Smoke Filming Update!
09/06/2006, 19:51pm BST
Click a pic to enlarge!
The above photos are an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Billie's latest project, The Ruby In The Smoke, which is currently being filmed in Morcambe.
Billie plays the character Sally Lockhart in the BBC's adaptation of multi award-winning writer Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke.
The first book in the quartet charts the adventures of Sally, a feisty young Victorian heroine, who is on a journey to discover the truth behind her father's death, and unravel the mystery behind 'The Seven Blessings'.
Filming will contine in Morecambe before moving on to secret locations in Liverpool next week.
The Daily Star also covered a day on set:
They caught the lovely lass on set in her hair pins!

TV News!
09/06/2006, 19:46pm BST
More news on Billie's TV roles:
Wee Billie Piper?
Taken from
Dr Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper say they are getting such big names on the show, they can take a back seat.
Billie said: "We've got Peter Kay coming up soon as a villain and the lovely Marc Warren. We're not even in those episodes so much."
Tennant added that there is also a very exciting episode coming up that he described as "The Exorcist meets Brookside".
And as to rumours that Billie is planning to leave the show, she dismissed them as pure speculation.
Tennant joked: "No it is true, wee Jimmy Krankie is taking over soon".
The Calcium Kid
Sky Movies will be showing Billie's movie, The Calcium Kid, on 13th June, 17th June and 21st June at various times. Please check the diary for more details!

Photo Update!
08/06/2006, 18:36pm BST
The gallery has been updated with lots of promotional photos from the new series of Doctor Who! Click here to view them!

TV News!
08/06/2006, 16:41pm BST
No matter where in the world you are this week there's something fab coming to a TV near you!
Doctor Who Series Two To Air In Oz!
Trailers for the second series of Doctor Who are currently showing on ABC in Australia.
The advert says  "Do you fancy a Christmas in July?" and features clips from The Christmas Invasion.
There is no official date of transmission as yet, but we will keep you informed on any further news.
You can read a preview of the episode on the ABC site.
Parting Of The Ways In The US
Tomorrow will see the airing of the first series finale on The Sci Fi Channel at 21:00pm in the USA.
Can the Doctor and Rose save the world from an evil army of Daleks? And could a kiss save Rose's life?
GM:TV and The Satan Pit
Tomorrow GM:TV will be featuring coverage of The Glamour Awards and promise a chat with Billie on their Entertainment Today section from 08:30am onwards on ITV1.
And don't forget Doctor Who on BBC1 at 19:00pm this Saturday for The Satan Pit!

Billie Named TV Actress Of The Year At The Glamour Awards!
07/06/2006, 07:11pm BST
The annual Glamour Awards took place in London last night with Billie walking away with the award for Best UK TV Actress!
She looked stunning in a fab Burberry dress, but said "I didn't know what to wear. I don't look like a schoolteacher, do I?"
To see more photos click here.

Site Updates!
06/06/2006, 09:20am BST
New screen caps from Saturday's new episode of Doctor Who, The Impossible Planet and a couple of new interviews.

Press Round Up!
04/06/2006, 17:40pm BST
A few of bits and pieces of news and gossip surrounding Billie in the press:
Billie On The Chris Moyles Show
Chris and Billie
Billie was a guest on The Chris Moyles Show on Friday, you can listen to their chat here.
Billie Not Ready For Second Marriage Yet

According to Friday's Daily Star Billie Piper has no immediate plans to marry boyfriend Amadu Sowe. “I don’t know if I will ever be Mrs Amadu Sowe. I’m going to have a few years not being married,” she said at a screening of her new film Things to Do Before You’re 30 on Wednesday. But the Doctor Who star is still on good terms with her ex-husband Chris Evans - and he wants to help write her autobiography. Billie revealed: “As soon as he heard I was writing it he said: ‘I’ve got this great idea for the foreward’. I’ll have to vet it, though!”

Billie Back For Series Three Of Doctor Who

Even though Billie has already confirmed that she will continue to play Rose Tyler in Doctor Who, The News Of The World, are today claiming that the character will not appear in every episode of the new series, which begins filming this summer.

Daily Mirror Interview

Friday's Daily Mirror featured an interview with Billie to promote her new film Things To Do Before You're 30. Click here to read it.

Gallery Update

The gallery has had a massive update with lots of Doctor Who screen caps!

Things To Do Before You're 30!
01/06/2006, 18:24pm BST
Click a pic to enlarge!
It was the premiere for Billie's new fim, Things To Do Before You're 30, last night and she attended the bash in London last night.
Hello! Online report:
In her role as Doctor Who's trusty sidekick Rose, Billie Piper has manage to survive the attentions of scary monsters throughout the universe. The 23-year-old came face to face with a rather more dashing evildoer this week, however, when she met up with Tom Cruise's arch enemy from Mission Impossible II. Billie received a charming escort from Scottish actor Dougray Scott, who famously played the villain in MI:2, when she stepped out for a screening of Things To Do Before You're 30. A bearded Jimi Mistry, who fans will recognise from EastEnders and the movie East Is East, was also in attendance at the exclusive event.
In the new flick the three performers team up with Silent Witness star Emilia Fox in a light-hearted study of 20-something life Britain. The movie follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of friends as they come to terms with the fact they have, whether they like of not, become adults.
With four months to go before her 24th birthday, Billie still has a few years to go before her thirties begin. And having married and divorced millionaire Chris Evans, topped the music charts and built a stellar reputation as an actress, she has already managed to cram quite a bit into her first three decades.