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October 2006

Site Update!
30/10/2006, 19:02pm BST
More Book Signing News!
Many thanks to Daniel from BBC Wiltshire for a fabulous interview with Billie. Read it here!
We now have photos of Billie in Liverpool and Swindon in the Image Archive.
Plus more photos of Billie meeting her fans have been added here!
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29/10/2006, 18:17pm BST
Don't Forget To Vote!
Just another reminder that it's The National Television Awards on Tuesday 31st October, but there's still time to cast your vote!
Billie Piper is up for the award for Most Popular Actress.
It's been a good year for Doctor Who, with Billie's co star David Tennant nominated for Most Popular Actor and the show up for Most Popular Drama.
  • Make sure you cast your vote online here or by calling 09018 88 88 99
  • calls costs 25p per minute and should last no longer than 5 minutes. Mobile rates may vary.
More Fabulous Fans!
More photos and stories from fans who have met Billie on her book signing tour can be seen here!
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28/10/2006 17:21pm BST
Billie On The West End!
Billie will be taking her first steps onto the West End stage next year after landing a role in the play Treats! More details as we get them!
Billie's Supporting Role!
Singer turned actress Billie Piper says her Dr Who co-star David Tennant stops her from falling over on the red carpet.
Billie, who's just released her autobiography Growing Pains, heads to the National Television Awards with Scots star David next week and she says she'll be relying on him for support in more ways than one.
Billie, nominated for the best actress award, told the Razz: "It's the National TV awards on Tuesday and David and I are going to go together. We like to go together because it takes the curse off of the whole thing.
"It's kind of nervewracking and also he always helps me with my heels. He lets me lean on him. He's a great crutch."
Although the awards are on Halloween, Billie doesn't think she'll be going as one of Dr Who's intergalactic characters.
She said: "I'm not sure what I'm wearing. It's a shame it's Hallowe'en but I don't think I'll go in costume - but David is wearing black."
Currently preparing for her role in Christopher Hampton's play Treats, which opens in London's West End in January, Billie admitted she misses her Dr Who co-star.
She said: "I don't know if he misses me but I miss him desperately. It was really hard to quit Dr Who, really hard..
"I did it because I'd done two years, working nine months of every year and it's a very taxing schedule.
"I wanted to see my family and friends and I wanted to try other things.
"I just told David that I was leaving straight out. We have a very honest, open relationship so it was just very easy to tell him really."
Referring to her revelation David's pet name was David Ten-Inch, she laughed: "It's just a joke. I have to be careful because my mum and dad might read this . . . and I don't want to stitch David up"It's just an on-set joke, but I think he is quite chuffed.
He doesn't have a name for me. Nothing that's obvious . . ."
Billie was signing copies of her new book yesterday in the Borders shop in Glasgow and Waterstones in Edinburgh, where she was met by a posse of Dr Who wannabes.
And the actress admitted she received weird presents.
"Somebody even bought me a new can of Oust air freshener after my interview on Scott Mills' Radio One show, when I joked that I like to spray my clothes instead of changing them."
She added that the book signing tour reminded her of days on the road as a pop star. She said: "It's just like my pop days touring the UK."We've seen a lot of people but it will be nice to get home. I've packed terribly for this. I brought about 18 pairs of tights."
Source: The Daily Record
Fab Fans!
Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to send us your fabulous photos of yourselves meeting Billie! You can see the ones we have so far here.
Don't forget to send us your pics. Mark your email 'Yes I Met Billie!' and send it to
Please send JPEG images only :) Thanks!
Site Update!
27/10/2006, 16:21pm BST
Billie: I'll Make It Up To My Fans
When Billie Piper turned up in Swindon this week she left hundreds of young fans disappointed that they couldn't see her.
But now, the former Doctor Who star is hoping to make amends by coming back to the town for a second book signing to meet all those she couldn't greet the first time.
Many people contacted the Adver to say they were disappointed they could not meet their favourite actress, but after her aides read about the coverage on our website they were keen to book her to return.
No venue or date has been set up for the second signing, which is dependant on the 24-year-old's filming schedule, but people involved in Billie's publicity machine say she is fond of the town and is keen to come back.
Speaking exclusively to the Adver, Billie said: "I was blown away and extremely flattered by all the people that turned out to see me in my home town.
"The support I have received in Swindon over the years has been incredible.
"The publishers, Asda and I were over-awed by all the people that turned out.
"As a result I will be back before the end of the year to sign books and hopefully meet all those I was not able to meet."
Danielle Robinson, who deals with Billie's publicity, said: "Billie is determined to return to Swindon and meet all the fans in her home town. It's a place that she is very fond of.
"The reception in Swindon is the largest we have had on the tour so far."
More than 1,000 fans turned up at the Asda Wal-Mart store in North Swindon on Tuesday for the book signing of Billie's new autobiography, Growing Pains.
This Is Swindon
Billie On The McCartney Split
Billie Piper passed her judgement on the divorce settlement between ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.
During a radio station interview Billie told the presenter that she did not envy the situation that the pair had found themselves in.
According to The Mirror, she told Galaxy radio's breakfast show: "It's awful that it's tuned so nasty and must be so taxing on their well-being. I'm glad that never happened to me and Chris."

Have you Met Billie On Her Book Signing Tour?
If you have been lucky enough to meet Billie and have your photo taken with her, why not send it in to us and we will display them on the site!!
Send photos in an email marked 'Yes I Met Billie!' to
You can see all the photos we have received so far here!

Site Update!
26/10/2006, 17:40pm BST
More Book Signing News!
Lots more photos of Billie signing copies of her new book are in the Image Archive.
Meanwhile there were tears for fans waiting to meet Billie in her home town of Swindon on Tuesday. So many people turned up to see her that Billie was unable to meet them all and many were turned away at the door.
Billie was scheduled to sign books in ASDA for just one hour but hundreds of fans turned up to meet her and she ended up staying until after 8pm to try and meet them all.
Billie was extremely upset not to be able to see all of her fans.
Billie's publicist, Emma Knight from Hodder and Stoughton, apologised to those who were turned away.
She said: "Billie feels really bad that some people were turned away. "It's really unfortunate but we estimate 1,000 people turned up, which is much more than we expected.
"Billie was only due to sign between 5pm and 6pm, but she ended up staying until 8.30pm. "We let everyone know 45 minutes before we had to stop, because she is on such a busy schedule. "We sold 500 books while Billie was signing so it wasn't the case that she snubbed anyone. She was delighted that so many people turned up and it was such a shame that there were a few upset faces."
You can read the full story here.
Billie Launches Life Saving Helicopter!
She has often soared through the skies with a doctor at her side.
But former Dr Who sidekick Billie Piper swapped the Tardis for an entirely different kind of transport when she took to the air in the new Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance yesterday.
The former teen pop princess unveiled the new 3.5 million Agusta 109E Power helicopter to mark the third birthday of the air ambulance force - the busiest air ambulance in the country.
The chopper will be based at Coventry Airport in Baginton and cover the city and Warwickshire.
Andrew Williamson, head of fund raising for the service, said: "We are delighted that Billie has come and unveiled this great new helicopter and mark our third anniversary. "This is a major boost for us and the people of Coventry and Warwickshire."
The launch took place at the Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton yesterday.
The helicopter is faster and carries heavier loads than its predecessor, meaning it will be able to whisk larger numbers of doctors and paramedics quickly to the scenes of emergencies. It also has improved controls to make it easier to fly in bad weather.
Richard Craske, aged 45, who has been a pilot for the service for nearly three years, said: "It is great from a pilot's point of view - very exciting and fulfilling. It is the fastest civilian helicopter and is really good for remote jobs."
Now the service, which relies entirely on public donations and costs 3.2 million per year, is calling on kind-hearted businesses or individuals to sponsor the new chopper.
Mr Williamson said: "To achieve our next goal of doubling our hours, we need to find a major sponsor and support from celebrities like Billie makes all the difference."
The actress, who married and later divorced radio and TV presenter Chris Evans - said she was delighted to have the job of unveiling the latest lifesaver.
Site Update!
24/10/2006, 14:20pm BST
Billie In London!
Billie was in Waterstones on Oxford Street in London to sign copies of her book last night. Check out some more photos in the Image Archive.
Billie On Capital FM!
Billie went into the Capital studios yesterday morning to chat to Johnny Vaughn about her new autoboigraphy, Growing Pains, she also spoke about her jealousy over the Doctor's new companion and revealed what projects she's got coming up.
Click here to listen to the interview!
Photos of Billie at Capital FM are now in the Image Archive!
Billie Loved Life In Cardiff!
Doctor Who actress Billie Piper has spoken of her time living in Cardiff in her new autobiography.
The former pop star has told her life story - including marrying Chris Evans and embarking on an acting career - at the age of 24, in the book Growing Pains.
She said she turned her rented flat, in the former St David's Hospital on Cowbridge Road East, into a 'show home'.
She said: 'I'd wash and iron, dust and hoover, to my heart's content, then pop over to the local Spar to buy half a roast chicken.
'It wasn't as sad as it sounds - I liked the routine and the order.'
Billie will be in Cardiff today to sign copies of her new book.
Source: icWales
Site Upate!
22/10/2006, 14:52pm BST
New Interview!
There is a new interview with Billie from Wales On Sunday available for you to read here.
Site Update!
21/10/2006, 17:08pm BST
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross Screen Caps!
Screen Caps of Billie from her appearance on Friday night Night With Jonathan Ross are now up in the Image Archive!
Site Update!
20/10/2006, 15:59pm BST
Billie Sets Her Sights On Torchwood!
Billie's trip to the Torchwood premiere has made her want to take on more Sci Fi roles. After watching the preview of the new Doctor Who spin off she told the press 'Seeing Torchwood made me scream 'I wanna do that!!'.
She will also be telling Jonathan Ross about missing life on the Doctor Who set tonight at 22:35pm on BBC1.
The Ex Factor!
Billie has been speaking about the Doctor's new companion Martha.
She told press at the Premiere of Torchwood that although it's rumoured that Martha will have a crush on the Doctor she thinks he'll be on the rebound from her character Rose!
"Sounds like the Doctor will be on the rebound. But it will never work between them. I can't wait to see what happens."

Site Update!
19/10/2006, 17:06pm BST!
Growing Pains Released Today!
Billie's eagerly anticipated autobiography, Growing Pains, was released today and we're loving it!
Already up to page 97, it's an unstoppable read! Make sure you grab your copy!
Send your revews of the book to us at and
Billie's Going Home To Swindon!
Billie will be heading home to Swindon to sign copies of Growing Pains. She will be in Asda, Haydon Wick branch,  on 23rd October at 17:00pm
Torchwood Premiere!
Billie was in Cardiff last night for the premiere of Torchwood. She attended a special sceening along with her Doctor Who co stars David Tennant and John Barrowman.
Eve Myles, who plays policewoman Gwen Cooper in the show, told The Western Mail: "I've had a very positive reaction to Torchwood. Everyone is extremely excited and complimentary about it all. It's a beautiful part to play, there's a beautiful cast and great scripts."
BBC Wales controller Menna Richards introduced the episode to the audience, stating that she believes Torchwood "will have as loyal a following as the Doctor himself."
Site Update!
17/10/2006, 17:31pm BST
National Television Awards Update!
The nominees for The National Televistion Awards have been announced and Billie Piper is up for the award for Most Popular Actress.
It's been a good year for Doctor Who, with Billie's co star David Tennant nominated for Most Popular Actor and the show up for Most Popular Drama.
  • Make sure you cast your vote online at or by calling 09018 88 88 99
  • calls costs 25p per minute and should last no longer than 5 minutes. Mobile rates may vary.

The full list of nominees in the Most Popular Actor catergory are: Bradley Walsh, Coronation Street. Chris Fountain, Hollyoaks. Matthew Fox, Lost. Ross Kemp, EastEnders and David Tennant, Doctor Who.

The full list of nominees in the Most Popular Actress catergory are: Evangeline Lilly, Lost. Lacey Turner, EastEnders. Sue Cleaver, Coronation Street. Ursuala Holden Gill, Emmerdale. Billie Piper, Doctor Who.

The full list of nominees in the Most Popular Drama catergory are: Bad Girls, Desperate Housewives, Lost and Doctor Who.

The awards will be given out at a star studded ceremony at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 31st October and will be televised on Monday 1st November on ITV.

Manchester Book Signing Time Confirmed!

The Trafford Centre have finally ammended their site to include the correct time that Billie will be signing copies of Growing Pains. She will be at their branch of WH Smith from 11am on Saturday 28th October 2006. If you have any questions about the signings please contact the store that you wish to attend the signing at. All the dates can be found in The Diary.

New Projects?!

According to The Sunday People Billie Piper may be appearing in a remake of St Trinian's. Rupert Everett is already confirmed for the film and Billie along with Keira Knightley, Michelle Ryan and Rachel Stevens are  rumoured to be up for the roles of the naughty school girls. are reporting that Billie has turned down a lucrative new record deal. Apparantly she was asked to record an album of her favourite cover versions, but she decided against it saying 'I did the whole pop thing when I was 15'.

New Novels Released As Audio Books!

The Nightmare of Black Island, The Price of Paradise and The Art of Destruction are to be released as audiobooks on 6 November 2006.
Don Warrington (Rise of the Cybermen) will narrate The Art of Destruction, Anthony Head (School Reunion) will read The Nightmare of Black Island and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler) tackles The Price of Paradise.
Each CD - featuring the adventures of the Tenth Doctor and Rose - also includes a bonus discussion between the book's author and its narrator.

Site Update!
13/10/2006, 13:24pm BST
Make A Date With Billie!
The new 2007 calendar is online and ready for you to download!
Click here to download it and print it off!
Site Update!
08/10/2006, 15:09pm BST
More Book Signing News!
More Book Signing Dates have been revealed. Billie will be signing books at the following stores:
23/10/2006 Waterstones - 311 Oxford Street, London - 18:00pm
24/10/2006 Waterstones - Cardiff - 12:00pm
27/10/2006 Waterstones - Edinburgh West End - 17:00pm
28/10/2006 Waterstones - Liverpool - 15:00pm
There is a conflicting time of appearances for the Liverpool and Manchester signings, but these are the details given on the Waterstones and Trafford Centre sites. For more information we recommend you phone the venue of the signing you wish to attend.
Site Update!
07/10/2006, 14:22pm BST
Book Signing News!
Billie Piper has been confirmed to be signing copies of her new autobiography, Growing Pains, at the following stores:
25/10/2006 Borders Books - Oxford - 12:00pm to 14:00pm
26/10/2006 WH Smith - Leeds - 13:00pm - 15:00pm
27/10/2006 Borders Books - Glasgow - 12:00pm to 14:00pm
28/10/2006 WH Smith Trafford Centre - Manchester - 11:00am to 13:00pm
If any other signings are confirmed we will let you know.
Billie On Friday Night With Jonathan Ross!
As we told you a few weeks back Billie Piper will be appearing on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, we finally have an air date confirmed as Friday 20th October 2006 at 22:35pm on BBC One.
Site Update!
03/10/2006, 15:23pm BST
Growing Pains!
Click on the pic to enlarge it!
Billie Piper's autobiography, Growing Pains, will be released on 19th October 2006.
You can pre order it from Amazon with a 40% discount here.
The following article is an extract from the book:
The morning after my first date with Chris Evans, in December 2000, I woke up at about ten and had already missed four calls from him. He'd left a message saying, "Why are you not up, you lazy cow? It's a beautiful day - you have to see it. Wake up and call me because I need your address."

I called him. An hour later he arrived at my door. He didn't kiss me, just smiled and handed over an envelope. We'd been drinking the night before and I was still in my sweat pants, had black mascara all over my face and was wafting around in my own personal cloud of vodka fumes. It turned out he hadn't done his radio show that morning. It was the first he'd ever missed. But not the last.

He told me to open the envelope. There were some car keys inside, and a note.

"I know you don't care about any of this and nor do I, but I had to stop you in your tracks. If you don't want it, sell it and give it to charity. I think you're wonderful. Will you marry me?"

I held up the key. That unmistakable rearing yellow horse dangled from the ring. Parked outside was a silver Ferrari covered in red roses. Inside and out.

I didn't have a clue what to do. What is the etiquette when presented with a racing car? Get in, I suppose. I did just that. I wanted Chris to see me in it. I wanted to show him that I liked it. And what I really wanted was to kiss him. I beckoned him over and we had a quick peck. I said: "Thank you."

He said: "You're welcome", and then rode off on his bike. It was the most bizarre morning of my life.

The most ridiculous thing of all was, I couldn't even drive.

By the time I met Chris, I'd been in the music business for three years, performing under the name Billie.

Mum says that I was creative from the start, constantly dressing up, prancing round the living room, putting on plays and shows.

I enrolled in a dance class and attended as often as I was able. I knew hard work paid off because Dad was a labourer who worked his way up to running his own construction company in Swindon. My parents are working-class through and through, but towards the end of my childhood Dad had worked so hard that we had a nice redbrick house with a conservatory and double glazing in the new part of Swindon.

At the age of 13 I auditioned for the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and got in. Then a record-label manager signed me up after spotting me in a television advert for Smash Hits magazine.

In 1998, when I was 15, I was the youngest female artist ever to debut at Number 1 with my single Because We Want To. Amazingly, I went on to sell 450,000 copies of my first album.

In May 2000, I met DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans for the first time. My single Day And Night, from my second album, had just gone straight in at Number 1. I had a new name, Billie Piper, a new look (thin) and a new image (sexy) because thin looks good on the page, and now I was all of 17).

But I was hiding a terrible secret. I was thin because I was anorexic. I had developed the eating disorder on tour, relying on powerful laxatives to help me lose far too much weight. I was living pretty much off black coffee, Diet Coke and cigarettes.

I'd also started having doubts about my career. Sales weren't as good as they had been, my work schedule was horrendous and I'd come close to suicide on a disastrous, punishing promotional tour of the United States.

I was invited to appear on TFI Friday but although I'd always fancied Chris and loved his programme, I thought it would be a stitch-up. All I got was humiliation when I'd appeared on Never Mind The Buzzthingys: I think I was invited on only to fulfil the role of "stupid little pop star".

Now I was terrified. I tried to get out of Chris's show but he wouldn't take no for an answer and sent a helicopter to pick me up. As we touched down in Hammersmith, the panic set in. TFI was live. Chris wasn't known to suffer fools gladly. Was I walking into a trap?

But as soon as I saw Chris's smiling face I started enjoying it. It was brilliant. He made it so easy for me that I even forgot to be nervous. That's his gift.

During the break I said: "I really like your shirt", and he said he liked mine, and we said: "Why don't we swap", We stepped behind the curtain and stripped. He didn't say anything suggestive: we were just like little kids behind the curtain trying to hurry up before we went back on air.

During the second half it was pretty clear we were getting on very well: there was just a natural affinity between us, an easy banter. My overriding memory is that I couldn't stop laughing. I forgot about the record company, my voice, calories, everything.

But after TFI, I started pushing myself harder than ever, promoting my album, Walk Of Life. My body started to complain. I was taking laxatives, having some wild nights on the town and working a minimum of 16 hours a day.

The problems started with cystitis.

I should have had antibiotics and taken time to get over it, but I was working too hard. On June 17 my body said stop. Five minutes after arriving at a bar in Soho, I collapsed. A bladder infection had moved up to my kidneys and I had started to pee blood: haemorrhaging cystitis.

I remember leaving the loo feeling sick and light-headed and slowly walking up the stairs. The next thing I knew was that I was in hospital. I told a doctor I had to pee but I couldn't get up without help. I was in agony, but I didn't want to keep ringing for nurses. The doctor said: "Just pee in the bed, Billie." So I did, crying every time with the humiliation and pain of it.

We put out a statement saying I had a kidney infection combined with exhaustion and that I'd be back on my feet in no time. I told my mum I'd taken the morning-after pill and had had an allergic reaction to it. She believed me. She'd noticed how much thinner I'd got, but maybe it was easier for her to believe the lie.

My week in hospital made the cystitis disappear but it did nothing for my anorexia and now I had got used to the numbing effects of sleeping pills. I started using them to sleep my way thinner. If I was asleep, I wouldn't have to eat at all.

In September my single Something Deep Inside went in at Number 4. I was gutted. The treadmill was running at a furious pace yet we were going backwards. At one point I managed five days without solid food.

A few days before my next single was released in December I went into the Virgin radio station to be interviewed by Chris; the second time we'd met. Just like on TFI, the mood between us was easy, relaxed. We both giggled continually, then halfway through Chris said: "Why don't we get married and sell the photos to Hello, then give all the money to charity?"

I replied: "OK, let's." I didn't think he was being serious but I wasn't absolutely sure.

At the end of the show Chris asked me to his Christmas drinks. I was gutted because I had to be somewhere else that day but I gave him my number. A couple of days later, he called and asked me out. I had just done Top Of The Pops and by the time I got to the pub in Belgravia with my friend Nicki, it was closing time.

Chris and Webbo, his friend and fellow presenter, were outside with their drinks even though it was freezing. Chris said: "Right, let's go somewhere else!"

And the four of us jumped into a cab. We went to another bar, had a few drinks, then went on to Stringfellow's. From the moment we met that evening we were inseparable. He had his hands down the back of my trousers all night playing with my thong, and I let him.

It was a bizarre night. After Stringfellow's we went on to another nightspot. Chris was wearing brogues. Don't know why, but I love a man in brogues. I told him, so he gave them to me and I walked around the club in his brogues all night. I remember him leaning towards me and saying: "I just wish you were 26 at least."

He was 34. I said: "It doesn't matter how old I am. Let's not talk about how old I am because that's just going to hijack this evening and ruin everything."

At the end of the evening he went off with Webbo and I with Nicki, who was plastered. I'd just put her to bed when my phone rang. It was Chris. "What are you doing?"

"I've just made beans on toast."

"Me too."

It was a sign. "I had a really great night", I said.

"It was wonderful," he said.

I went to bed happy for the first time in a long time. And I woke up to a silver Ferrari on the doorstep.

I read Chris's note again and again. It was quite clear what he wanted. My hand in marriage. Woo-hoo!

Well, he'd certainly succeeded in stopping me in my tracks. The question now was what the hell was I going to do about Rich Neville, my on-off boyfriend from the boyband 5ive? We'd been together for two years and had fallen into a destructive cycle of rowing, splitting up and then getting back together. If it had been an easy thing to walk away from I would have. But it wasn't.

On Friday December 15, 2000, I went to the Royal Albert Hall for a huge charity performance. I had a stinking hangover as usual.

There were photographers everywhere. I thought I knew what it was like to be hounded by the Press, but I knew nothing. This was major league. I suddenly realised that all I'd ever been was a minnow. It wasn't a depressing realisation. It was refreshing.

I'd gone from being a bubbly, fun person, always wanting to have a great time, to this withdrawn person perpetually dragging on a cigarette. My eyes had lost their shine. They didn't dance any more.

I was a shell. Underweight, uninspired and boring. I had no energy to do anything. I had let the anorexia steal whatever fun I could have taken out of the experience and turned it into something to fear. Just days later, my single Walk Of Life charted at Number 25.

On my second date with Chris, in a pub, we greeted each other like old friends and I loved him the minute we started chatting. We didn't stay for long - you never do when you're with him. I asked where we were going and he said: "To meet an old friend of mine. His name's Fred and he's having a party."

Fred was blind and lived in an old people's home. He used to live next door to Chris before being moved into care and Chris still looked after him. We had a very eccentric Christmas lunch with Fred and his cronies and then drove to Chris's cottage in the village of Hascombe, near Godalming in Surrey, for one night. Nothing happened.

I was trying to impress him but I was nervous of him as well. His enthusiasm for life is engaging, inspiring, but in the beginning I was too knackered to take it all on.

He said: "Life is happening and you aren't even aware of it. You have to grow up and stop being so spoilt."

He wanted to know what was going on with Rich. Was it on or off? I knew Rich and I had to end.

Chris told me he was going to Madeira at Christmas. I said goodbye and headed home to my family in Swindon with the thought going round and round my head: maybe I could go with him?

I broke up with Rich over the phone. It sounds harsh but it was easy this time because we both knew it needed to happen. Then on Christmas Eve I had an overwhelming urge to see Chris. I rang him. "Can I come on holiday with you?"

"Of course. Come down tomorrow."

"Christmas Day?"

"Yeah, Christmas Day."

I wondered what to say to my family. I couldn't do that to them, but then some relatives came over in the morning, all bringing CDs for me to sign. Suddenly I felt so tired of it all. I wanted out.

Just as Mum put the prawn thingytails on the table, I announced I was going on holiday with Chris. I know she was gutted. But, equally, I think she understood.

I had my driver collect me. At the time I didn't consider the fact that I was taking him away from his family on Christmas Day, and I didn't consider that I was leaving mine. I was completely selfish but so close to finding what was going to make me happy that I had to get to Chris's little cottage. When I climbed out of the Mercedes, I gave my driver a bundle of cash and thanked him for his mercy mission.

Chris opened the door. He was wearing a red polo-neck jumper with little white stars on it, Christmas personified. He beamed at me and held up a matching one for me. He took my hand, led me into the kitchen and gave me an enormous kiss; a proper, full-on serious kiss - our first. It was magic.

The following day we flew to Madeira and, just like that, "Billie" the pop princess disappeared. I'd finally kissed my prince and, in our special version of the old fairytale, he let me turn back into a frog.

I never went back to my flat or my parents' house. From that moment on we lived in each other's pockets. Actually, it wasn't so much that I lived in his pocket as that I tried to burrow deep inside, curl up into a tiny ball and wait for all my responsibilities to go away.

But that sort of behaviour doesn't wash with a man like Chris, and he started asking questions I couldn't answer. When was my next album due? How much money had I made? How long was I contractually obligated to my record company? Why couldn't I drive? Why hadn't I taken any exams? Why was I ill? I was embarrassed by what I had become.

We hardly left the bedroom of our hotel in Madeira. Love's young dream? No, a burnt out 18-year-old with recurring cystitis. It was agony again. It was evident fairly quickly what sort of mess I was in.

When we came back I moved straight into Chris's flat in London and didn't leave his side except for when he went to work. I had effectively walked out of a singing career but I still had some outstanding commitments and I was due to release another single.

The Press claimed Chris was going to "ruin" things for me but I knew he was only going to make my life better. He certainly didn't need to date a "pop star" to cement his celebrity status. And I wasn't using him to climb further up the ladder. If anything, I was using him to climb down.

Chris told me to get control of my career, but I couldn't face calling my managers, so he did it for me. There was a row and shortly afterwards my managers and I parted company. I think they knew that, although Chris was a scary adversary, he was ultimately good for me.

Naturally, I wanted my parents to like him as much as I did. But sadly that didn't pan out as well as I'd hoped and my parents and I didn't see or even speak to each other for quite a long time.

Offered a large amount of money in return for a sweet story about their daughter and Chris, they considered it long enough to call me and let me know. I got p***** off. I just wanted them to be my parents, not part of the publicity machinery. They hadn't impressed Chris, either.

I started to have the time of my life with Chris. He always held my hand; I loved that particularly. We'd go out drinking, then stop off at a pie shop in Soho. He'd take me out to the country and we would roll down hills, laughing. Sometimes we'd just sit quietly in his garden, reading. Or plant herbs. Taste different cheeses. Drink wonderful wine.

What had happened to the laxatives and starvation? Out the window. I knew Chris wouldn't tolerate that sort of thing. And drugs? No more. I left it all behind. I couldn't be bothered with forcing myself to be something I wasn't any more. Namely a size 0. There were too many other things to try, to do, to see, to taste.

I had been infected by Chris's appetite for life.

We might go to the park, a restaurant, a gallery, a museum: all those things London had to offer that I had never bothered to sample. We'd spend hours on Hampstead Heath flying kites and sharing childhood stories. It was a romantic, desperate love and it was beautiful.

We visited the Loire Valley and spent ten days tasting wine and scoffing goose fat on bread. I was eating like a horse but I didn't care. The pounds piled on and I felt sexy; Chris made me feel sexy.

We decided to visit the Colosseum so we hopped on a plane to Athens. Too much Chablis at lunch, methinks. We knew the minute we arrived we'd made a terrible mistake. We sat in the hotel bar, the first beer silent as we stared into the glass, willing it to magic us to Rome, where the Colosseum had been for 2,000 years. "At least we can see the Parthenon," Chris said, finally.

"Sure," I said, not knowing what the hell that was.

In May we went to Los Angeles but there was a thick fog hanging over the city so we hired a Mustang and drove to Palm Springs. When we arrived Chris looked at me in the way that only he can, and I knew he had mischief on his mind. "Hey, Palm Springs! You know it's only moments from Las Vegas?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, shall we go and get married?"

I said yes immediately.
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01/10/2006, 15:39pm BST
Billie On The Box!
Here in the UK re runs of Totally Doctor Who continue to air on the CBBC Channel this week. And BBC Three start their repeats of Series Two yet again on Wednesday 4th October.
In Hong Kong The Doctor and Rose travel back in time to the 1950's to investigate strange happenings in The Idiot's Lantern on Monday 2nd October.
Tuesday 3rd October sees The Age Of Steel airing on Ztele in Canada.
And it's the end of the journey for Rose Tyler in New Zealand and Australia this week as Doomsday shows there on Thursday 5th October on Prime TV and Saturday 7th October on ABC, repectively.
And in the USA the fun continues on Friday 6th October when Tooth and Claw will be shown on Sci Fi.
Check The Diary for furher details of show times etc...
Billie On The Catwalk
Yahoo! Entertainment ran a poll asking which celebs people would like to see on the cawalk and Billie made the Top Ten!
As Paris Fashion Week kicks off, the size zero debate shows no sign of going away.
It sparked an international outcry after bosses at Madrid Fashion Week banned models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.
London Fashion Week chiefs refused to follow suit.
Yahoo! Entertainment spokeswoman Jayne Cherrington said: "We are starting to see a backlash against very skinny bodies in the public eye.
"It seems people would much rather see clothes modelled by people with more attainable shapes, such as Kelly and Coleen, than girls whose bodies are nowhere near those of the average sized woman."
Top Celebrity Models

1 Kelly Brook
2 Kate Winslet
3 Charlotte Church
4 Coleen McLoughlin
5 Cindy Crawford
6 Nigella Lawson
7 Kate Moss
8 Billie Piper
9 Keira Knightley
10 Victoria Beckham