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February 2007

Site Updates!
28/02/2007, 21:13pm GMT
Billie On Top Gear
Billie is on Top Gear on Sunday 4th March 2007 at 20:00pm on BBC Two.
It is repeated on Wednesday 7th March at 19:00pm on BBC Two and again on Saturday 10th March at 19:00pm on BBC Three.
Gallery Updates
A couple of new Treats publicity stills have been added to the Image Archive. Click here to view them.
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27/02/2007, 15:24pm GMT
Treats Update: Billie's Back
Billie is now back at work and appearing at The Garrick Theatre in Treats. Press night is 8th March.
Why not take advantage of our special offer. Scroll down the page for further details.
New Billie Interview
There is a new interview with Billie is the latest issue of new! Magazine. You can read it here.
Gallery Updates
Screen Caps from Billie's appearance on The Charlotte Church Show and from the WalkEARS advert are now available in the Image Archive. Click here to view them.
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23/02/2007, 19:04pm GMT
The Charlotte Church Show
Don't forget that Billie will be on The Charlotte Chuch Show tonight at
The Charlotte Church Show
22:00pm on Channel 4.
The photo to the left was taken of Billie filming the show earlier this week.
Billie told Charlotte that she had snapped up tickets to see Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's new play Equus on the West End. She says "I feel slightly disturbed by the whole thing. But I'm definately going to see his play. I'd definately like to get a peek."
She also told of the difficulties that appearing in costume dramas:
“I’ve got a technique about how you pee in a corset. You straddle the loo. You kind of climb over it and have the dresses fall behind you. You pee the same way that a guy would. It works really well."
Billie lived in the flat above Charlotte whilst she was in Cardiff filming Doctor Who she told the singer: “Your parties were really good. I used to get really jealous. I don’t really know anyone down there.”

Treats Opening Night Postponed

Treats opening night at The Garrick Theatre has been postponed until 8th March. The date change is due to a clash with the West End opening at the Novello Theatre of the Royal Shakespeare Company transfer of The Tempest.

Mansfield Park To Be Released On DVD
Click the pic to enlarge!
Mansfield Park will be released on DVD on Monday 19th March. It is available to pre order in our Shop.

Site Updates!
20/02/2007, 16:50pm GMT
Special Offer On Treats Tickets
We are very pleased to be able to offer visitors to a very special offer on tickets to see Billie in Treats in conjuction with Bill Kenwright Productions.
The offer is as follows:
Best Available Seats 29.50
Upper Cirlcle Seats 19:50

This offer is valid Monday – Thursday evenings including Thursday matinees – until 30 March 2007.
To take advantage of this offer please call the theatre box office on 0870 890 1104
and quote: "Spring Offer".
Site Updates!
19/02/2007, 17:40pm GMT
Billie In The Times
There is a great interview with Billie in today's edition of The Times. She speaks frankly about all aspects of her career and her fears at making her stage debut. Read it here.
Site Updates!
18/02/2007, 18:58pm GMT
Mansfield Park Gets Air Date
Mansfield Park will be shown on ITV1 on Sunday 18th March 2007.
Sunday Magazine Interview
There is an interview with Billie in today's Sunday Magazine, free with the News Of The World.
You can read the interview here.
Gallery Updates
Some scans from Closer magazine have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
New Rose Tyler Wallpapers
Some new wallpapers of Billie as Rose Tyler have been added to the Downloads secion. Get one here.
Teen Pop Day On The Hits
The Hits music channel are having a teen pop day that will be featuring music videos of Billie, so keep an eye on that today!
Billie was No.9 in their chart of top teen popsters!
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16/02/2007, 17:07pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen Caps from The Army Of Ghosts have been added to the Image Archive. You can see them here.
ITV Launch Jane Austen Season
MansfieldThe Mayfair Hotel in London was the venue yesterday for the launch of ITV1’s new Jane Austen season.
Previews of Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were all shown and followed by interviews with the cast.
As well as talking about her Austen role, Billie confirmed she is in talks to play a call girl in a TV version of Belle de Jour, about the adventures of a prostitute who described her exploits online.
“I haven’t signed any contracts yet but it’s definitely something I’m considering,” she told reporters.
She also spoke of her stage debut in Treats; “It’s really hard. This is my first theatre production – I’m quite stressed about it. It’s a tough time and I’m still trying to find my feet.”
Billie's Costume Fears
Billie was nervous about her costumes that she wore as Fanny Price in Mansfield Park because the dresses were so low cut that she feared her boobs popping out!
She told The Sun: “When you bend over you worry they’ll pop out.”
She also loved own plunging neckline gowns "It makes a change from wearing my jeans and Converse. I'm usually such a tramp, the dresses are so special and girly, I daren't dress like that in every-day life."
She added that she'd really enjoyed co-star's Blake Ritson and James D’Arcy's 18th century costumes. She said: "The boys looked so hot!"
The role as clumsy, sweet-natured Fanny made a pleasant change for Billie, who is currently on stage playing at victim of domestic violence.
She said: "I love the part, she's so wholesome and humble. It's nice playing a part that doesn't mess your head up too much."
Billie's Secret Passion

It seems former Doctor Who star Billie Piper has a strange obsession - with pretty wedding dresses.

The 24-year-old actress - who famously tied the knot with DJ Chris Evans in Las Vegas in 2001 - told the Daily Express: "I'm quite obsessed with wedding dresses.

"Every time I open a script and there's a wedding I say, 'yes, I get to get married again'."

And luckily for Billie, she is soon to star as Jane Austen's Fanny Price in an ITV adaptation of Mansfield Park. The character is seen eventually walking up the aisle with her long-term love.

The star, who shot to TV fame as the Doctor's sidekick Rose Tyler, also admitted that she often visits her seamstress grandmother - to try on her bridal creations. She said: "I go round and have a cigarette and say, 'can I pop that dress on?' We'll share a Superking and I'll be wearing someone else's wedding dress."

Billie On The Charlotte Church Show
Billie will be a guest on The Charlotte Church Show on Friday 23rd February at 22:00pm on Channel 4.
Thanks to Amelia.
Front Row
Billie was interviewed on the Radio 4 arts show, Front Row, earlier this week. You can listen to her on the show via their site here.
But be quck as it willonly be online until Monday!
Treat Yourself To A Night With Billie At The Garrick have a great offer on tickets for Treats at The Garrick Theatre in the West End.
For full details click here.
Site Updates!
12/02/2007,08:13am GMT
Gallery Updates!
We're nearly at the end of the Doctor Who Screen Caps now. Today we have updated the Image Archive with caps from Fear Her. See them here.
One Year Old!
We are celebrating our first birthday here at and we would like to thank the thousands of you who visit this site daily! We can't believe how we've grown over the past year, although it's obvious why Billie has so many loyal fans! We promise to continue to bring you the best Billie updates on the web!
Site Updates!
11/02/2007, 23:57pm GMT
New 'Adult' Role For Billie
She is best known to thousands of children and parents as Rose Tyler from hit TV series Doctor Who.
But now former teen pop-star Billie Piper, is set to ditch her girl next door image after being lined up to play Belle de Jour - the infamous high class prostitute who made a fortune from chronicling her sexual exploits on the internet.
Belle de Jour, whose real identity is only known by a handful of people, earned a six-figure book deal after her on-line diary about her sexual adventures became a massive draw with internet users, getting thousands of hits a day.
Now Piper, 24, is set to bring to life the lurid tales - described by some as a "top-shelf Bridget Jones" with plans for the C4 drama.
In the book Belle de Jour goes into graphic detail about her sexual liaisons with a range of men - including an investment banker, a senior law enforcement officer and a psychoanalyst.
But the diaries are as much about the day to day preoccupations of Belle de Jour, who offers fashion tips and talks about mundane concerns such as having her house redesigned.
The decision of Piper, who is also about appear on TV screens as Fanny Price in an adaptation of Mansfield Park on ITV, to take the part will be seen as a clear move to make a break with her clean cut image and show the world once and for all she is a fully-grown up actress.
Friends say she is "desperate" to play the part of Belle de Jour, with Channel 4 expected to green-light the project in the coming weeks.
Piper, who shot to fame as a 15-year-old pop star, who was the youngest performer to have achieved a number one debut single and followed that up with another chart topper in the same year.
She famously tied the knot with DJ Chris Evans in 2001 in Las Vegas - they split three years later in 2004.
Piper has recently just began a new relationship with Laurence Fox, son of actor James Fox, who co-stars with Piper in current West End production Treats.
He left his live-in girlfriend of six years just before Christmas. At the same time Piper broke up with lawyer Amadu Sowe, her boyfriend of two years.
She has previously appeared in the BBC's Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale in 2003 and also won rave reviews for her perfomance in Bella the Boys.
Belle de Jour, named after the famous French film from the 1960's, which starred Catherine Deneuve, claims to be an English Jewish woman in her 20s who studied arts at university, who lives in Islington but is originally from Yorkshire.
She is well-educated, familiar with French and Italian classics as well as Shakespeare, wears Chanel nail varnish and shops at Harvey Nicholls while boasting a stunning array of lingerie.
The real identity of Belle de Jour has become the subject of frenzied media speculation - with many believing it to have been the work of a novelist or journalist.
No Billie On Top Gear
As we all noticed Billie wasn't on Top Gear tonight! That's because she was actually only filming her section today! The real date for broadcast is in fact 4th March. Apologies for the mix up!
Top Gear Tonight
Don't forget Billie is on Top Gear tonight on BBC2 at 20:00pm.
Gallery Updates
Another big photo update today. We have added screen caps from The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit and Love & Monsters to the Image Archive. See them here.
Site Updates!
10/02/2007, 19:27pm GMT
Gallery Updates!
Screen Caps from The Age Of Steel and The Idiot's Lantern have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Walkers Ears Comic Relief Advert
Billie is currently appearing in an advert for Walkers Crisps and Comic Relief. She plays a school girl alongside the likes of Fearn Cotton and Girls Aloud.
To get your Walkers Ears and to support Comic Relief click here.
Site Updates!
09/02/2007, 18:16pm GMT
Gallery Updates!
Screen caps from The Girl In The Fireplace and The Rise Of The Cybermen have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Site Updates!
08/02/2007, 17:43pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from School Reunion have been added to the Image Archive along with some photos of Billie performing on various TV shows in her pop days and some on set snaps from Much Ado About Nothing. See them here.
Site Updates!
07/02/2007, 12:14pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from Tooth and Claw have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Billie Chats To BBC Somerset
Billie is currently starring in Treats at the Theatre Royal in Bath and has recorded an interview with BBC Somerset.
Billie told the BBC's Richard Lewis that she has been nervous about making her stage debut in Treats.
"My knees knock every night. In fact, I'm going to go for some replacement ones after the show. It's absolutely terrifying.
"It's a scary job and I have the utmost respect for every stage actor I've ever watched."
She also spoke of her decision to quit her role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who and didnt rule out a return to her much loved role.
"I miss not doing Doctor Who and I miss Rose Tyler. I hope I made the right choice.
"It's going to be really hard when the new series [with Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones] starts - I'm going to find that quite hard to watch."I had a great two-year run and I'm really enjoying myself trying other things.
"And there's always the chance that Rose may return. You never know - that's the beauty of sci-fi!"
Thanks to BBC Somerset.

Site Updates!
06/02/2007, 16:51pm GMT
Billie Gives Stage Fans In Bath A Treat
Billie Piper took to the stage and overcame any nerves about her first theatre production in impressive style.
She is appearing in Christopher Hampton's play Treats until Saturday at the Theatre Royal, Bath.
Before yesterday's opening night she admitted she was terrified but more than up for the challenge.
She is starring with Kris Marshall, best known for playing Nick in My Family, and Laurence Fox, Kevin Whateley's sidekick in Lewis.
She said: "I feel like the adrenalin and the nerves put you in this trance-like state where you find it hard to judge what you've just done."
She said fear was a key part of the process for taking on something new.
At just 24, she has lived her life in the public spotlight for most of the last decade, but has constantly reinvented herself over that time.
"I am trying to have a go at a few different things and trying to stretch myself and I hope that I can pull them off. I think it's important and I want do to do it now, while I'm a bit younger.
"I'm at a position in my life where I want to keep scaring myself, before I become a bit stale and maybe complacent."
Though she began her career as a pop star while still a teenager - and at the age of 15, became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart - "acting was what I always wanted to do," she said.
"That's always been my first love."
Four years ago she enrolled in acting classes in Los Angeles. As a teenager, the former Bradon Forest pupil had left home to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London for two years.
"It's a great school and it taught me a lot. I loved it there, " she said.
Coping with fame was pretty much a struggle for Billie at first.
"I didn't cope very well with it at all. I found it a real struggle and it sent me slightly crazy. I just knew I had to do something I loved, or I would continue to feel like a charlatan for the rest of my life, being in the wrong career," she said. "Fortunately for me I have a great family and finally a great circle of friends, who just keep me on the straight and narrow. I'm not really interested in the fame and all that. I like working and grafting and trying new things."
After LA, she returned to London and quickly started winning television roles that included a contemporary version of The Canterbury Tales, before winning the role of Rose Tyler in the return of Dr Who, which she played for two series.
She won the Times Breakthrough Award at the South Bank Show Awards in 2006 for her successful transition from singing to acting.
She appreciates that on stage there is nowhere to hide if things go wrong. "I just want to have a go and be good," she said.
In Treats - which will be beginning a West End run at the Garrick later this month -she plays a young woman torn emotionally between difficult long-term boyfriend Dave, played by Marshall, and the more conventional Patrick, played by Fox.
"She is a young, incredibly smart woman who is very confused about love," she said.
"She has been with the impossible man for two-and-a-half years since leaving uni.
"He's abused her, mentally, physically and emotionally, and she's trying to find what she wants now."
The show runs until Saturday.
None of the performances are sold out but there are only restricted view tickets left for Friday and Saturday.
Tickets cost 14 to 30 and are available by phoning 01225 448844.
Source: Swindon Advertiser.

Treats Reviews

The Treats reviews section and fan photos have also been updated. See them here.

Site Updates!
05/02/2007, 17:40pm GMT
Billie On Top Gear
Billie will be appearing on the next episode of Top Gear where she will be showing off her driving skills in the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car slot.
The show will air on Sunday 11th February at 20:00pm on BBC Two.
New Rose Tyler Wallpapers
We have added some new wallpapers of Billie as Rose Tyler to the Downloads section. See them here.
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from New Earth have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Site Updates!
04/02/2007, 19:02pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from The Christmas Invasion and over 100 press photos of Billie out and abouting have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Stella Interview
Billie chats to Stella Magazine about her amazing life in the lime light, the dramatic changes she has made and how she longs for a normal life. Read the interview here.
Site Updates!
02/02/2007, 17:26pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from The Parting Of The Way have been added to the Image Archive. You can see them here.
Treats Press Reviews
A few press reviews of Treats have started trickling through, you can read them here.
Site Updates!
01/02/2007, 18:06pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from Bad Wolf have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
Treats In The Malvern Hills
Treats is currently playing at The Malvern Theatre in The Malvern Hills. It closes on Saturday so if you would like tickets you need to hurry and phone the box office on 01684 892277.
Treats Fan Reviews & Pics!
Thanks to everyone who has sent in their reviews and pics, see them here.
Don't forget if you have met Billie or seen her in Treats you can email your photos and reviews to us at and we will share them on the site :)