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Billie: My Life As A Hooker

Freema Agyeman

BILLIE Piper picked up some hot sex tips from hookers while filming her new telly series – but is too shy to use them.

The sexy actress admits   she can’t perform some of the acts for boyfriend Laurence Fox because she’s too bashful.

“I’d be too embarrassed,” giggled the bubbly beauty, who lives with the 29-year-old Lewis actor.

But she loved meeting high-class call girls to research her new role as kinky, sex-loving cyber-slut Belle de Jour.

“I asked them things I’d never normally dream of asking.  I wanted to know if they get anything physical out of the sex or if they have to switch off. They told me so many things – like how to tie clients up and not hurt them!”

The new drama, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl – on ITV2 from September 27 – is a far cry from Billie’s last major telly role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who.  “This is the story of a witty, well-educated girl who enjoys  sex and being paid a lot of money for it,” she said.

Blonde Billie also met the real-life Belle, whose cyber-blog inspired the series.

“She loves sex but is very interesting, cultured, well-read and strong,” said Billie.

“One night she was at a dinner which turned into an orgy. When she went home she had cash in her hand. That is how she started.

“But there is also something sad about her. She can’t tell anyone about her secret. It is isolating and lonely.”

But Billie, who had to take part in a foursome, whip clients and tie men up during the sizzling eight-part series, loved performing for the camera.

“I couldn’t be prudish – not as a woman who sells her body,” she said. “I wore this sexy corset, stilettos and tiny knickers and decided to walk with confidence, boobs-out proud.

“The rubber dress looked great, but I had the embarrassment of falling over and having my breasts pop out!”

Source: The Daily Star