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September 2007

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Site Updates!
30/09/2007, 13:26pm BST
ITV2 Celebrate Ratings Success
ITV were celebrating after Billie Piper’s sexy drama Secret Diary Of A Call Girl scored them a nice hit in the TV ratings.
1.8 million tuned in to watch Billie as Belle De Jour on ITV2 on Thursday night – a big success for a digital channel.
The show, ITV2’s first original commissioned drama, gave the channel its biggest audience since last August and was the biggest non-terrestrial commission this year.
A spokeswoman hailed the viewing figures as "a fantastic result".
Secret Diary Screen Caps
Screen caps from the first episode of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl have been added to the gallery.
Click here to view them.
Please be aware that as this is an adult drama some images are not suitable for younger fans.
Preview Scenes From Secret Diary
You can preview a clip from episode 2 of Secret Diary over on the News Of The World's website. Again this is an adult drama so the clip is unsuitable for young fans.
Click here to go visit the News Of The World website.
Preview photos can also be viewed in our gallery here.
Billie Voted Best Celeb 'Sister'
Billie has been named as the celebrity most British people believe would be the perfect sister in a poll conducted by Viennetta ice cream.
As part of the dessert company's 25th birthday celebrations, it asked over 1,400 members of the British public which celebrities they would like in their families.
Billie was voted the celeb that most people would like to have as a sister with 18% of the vote.
Richard Branson was voted as 'dad', Fern Britton as 'mum' and Peter Kay as 'brother'.
This Morning Gag Rumbled
Chris Moyles' gag for Billie to wind up This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton didn't go exactly according to plan...
Billie had appeared on Moyles' Radio 1 breakfast show before her slot on This Morning with Schofield and had agreed to slip various phrases into her TV interview at the request of the DJ.
The comment: "I slept with Chris Moyles last night" was one of the sayings he asked Billie to utter.
However, Phillip Schofield had been listening to the radio show and caught Billie out, telling her: "I have a very serious question to ask you. Who did you sleep with last night?"
When she replied "Chris Moyles", Schofield said: "And how are you going to get the others in?
"You think we don’t know but this morning on Radio 1, Chris Moyles challenged you to say the words ‘radish’, ‘martin’, ‘wood’, ‘amazing’ and ‘I slept with Chris Moyles last night’ on the programme. You’re rumbled."
Listen Again To Chris Moyles
You can use the Radio 1 listen again feature to listen to Billie chatting to Chris Moyles.
Click here to use it.
Billie Slams X Factor's Teen Stars
Billie has hit out at The X Factor’s new policy of allowing contestants as young as 14, slamming the decision as “slightly greedy”.
Billie was herself a teen pop sensation when she became the youngest ever pop artist to debut at number one with ‘Because We Want To’. She was just 15.
But she now says that she thinks the entry age for The X Factor should be 18.
“Your voice will be better then anyway, be more developed. You’ll be slightly wiser and maybe more well adjusted and ready for it,” she said.
“As a teenager you’re so full of teenage angst anyway. I don’t think it’s good. I don’t think it’s a great idea. I think it’s slightly greedy.”
And the new, mature Billie – starring as high-class hooker Belle De Jour on Thursdays in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl – reveals that she has no acting projects lined up an is thinking about having children of her own.
“I really think I’ll have a family and relax, but then I’d probably be, you know, a really full-on mum,” she said.
Billie To Wed On New Year's Eve
According to the Daily Mail Billie has announced plans to tie the knot with her fiance Laurence Fox on New Year's Eve.
She is apparently in talks with a celebrity magazine to cover the nuptials near her home in Sussex in a bid to keep the paparazzi away from her big day. Her previous husband Chris Evans is thought to be top of her guest list.
Site Updates!
26/09/2007, 12:11pm BST
Magazine Scans
Billie has featured in a whole host of magazines over the past week, we have scanned and uploaded the very best for you here:
Site Updates!
25/09/2007, 17:31pm BST
Preview Clip From Episode Two Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
If you have already watched the first episode of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl online via then you will probably be dying to see the next episode!
Click here to watch a quick preview of Belle in action.
Billie On This Morning
Billie will be a guest on This Morning on Thursday (27 September) from 10.30am.
Billie On Parkinson Pics
Caps of Billie from Saturday's Parkinson are now online.
Click here to view them.
Secret Diary Updates
Check out the Secret Diary Of A Call Girl section here for all the latest articles, interviews, photos and more on the show...
Belle Book
Click pic to enlarge!
Billie is featured on the cover of  a new edition of Belle De Jour. It's available in shops now!
Site Updates!
20/09/2007, 11:00am BST
Online Premiere Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Tonight!
Visit between 10pm and 11pm tonight, to watch the first episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl a week before it's aired on ITV2!
Billie Concerned For Younger Fans Over New Series
Billie has urged younger fans NOT to watch her latest TV series, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.
She says: "The kids who watched me in Doctor Who shouldn't watch me in this.
I have this abiding fear of people thinking I leaped at the chance to appear in a series that's heavy on sex and that therefore I'm sort of a slag.
I thought longer and harder about taking on this role than I had about any other. I hope I made the right decision."
The show is also the subject of a debate in today's edition of The Guardian, with the main question being does the show glamourise the issues raised?
Click here to see what they think.
Cover Girl
Click the pic to enlarge!
Billie is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of the Radio Times. Inside is an interview with her about her latest role as Belle in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and a look back at her career so far.
You can watch a video of the photoshoot online here!
Billie On Parkinson
Billie will be appearing on Parkinson this Saturday (22 September) at 23:20pm on ITV1.
She will also be a guest on This Morning next week.

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