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24/07/2008 New Doctor Who Articles
Two new interviews with Billie talking about her time as Rose Tyler have been added:
23/07/2008 Photo Updates
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we are in the middle of transferring all our images, videos etc over.
We are currently working on the photos section and have uploaded quite a few new images that may be of interest so click here to view them. 
02/07/2008 Journey's End Promotional Photos
July 02 2008 10:22:26. July 02 2008 10:22:29. 
Here's Billie as Rose Tyler in Saturday's finale of Doctor Who...
The entire universe is in danger as the Daleks activate their masterplan, in the concluding episode of Russell T Davies's Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama. The Doctor is helpless, and even the Tardis faces destruction. The only hope lies with the Doctor's secret army of companions – but as they join forces to battle Davros himself, the prophecy declares that one of them will die.
02/07/2008 Forum Back Online
The forum is back online. Please be respectful of it or it will be removed permanently. Thanks.
30/06/2008 The Stolen Earth Caps
13 44 76
The full set of caps from The Stolen Earth are online here.
30/06/2008 The Doctor & Rose Reunited
Relive the final fantastic moments of The Stolen Earth:
30/06/2008 Journey's End Trailer
The BBC have released a new trailer for Saturday's series finale of Doctor Who. View it below:

25/06/2008 Preview Of The Stolen Earth
A quick preview of The Stolen Earth featuring Billie as Rose Tyler:

And another new promotional photo can be seen below:

June 25 2008 10:40:01.

And the BBC One trailer:

21/06/2008 Turn Left Caps
37 89 99
The full set of screen caps from Turn Left are now online here.
21/06/2008 The Stolen Earth Preview
Rose Tyler is featured in the new preview for the next episode of Doctor Who. You can view it below:
21/06/2008 The Wait Is Almost Over...
Rose Tyler will be back BBC1 18:40pm tonight.....
21/06/2008 New Belle Video
Showtime have uploaded another new video of Belle from Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:

20/06/2008 Billie Interview
Billie Piper

To celebrate the return of Rose Tyler, the BBC Doctor Who website caught up with Billie Piper for a rare video interview on location for tomorrow's thrilling new episode, Turn Left.

In the first of a two-part interview (part two will be available after the show tomorrow), Billie discusses her return to Doctor Who after nearly two years away. It's spoiler-free, so don't worry!

Click here to check out the interview.

19/06/2008 The Stolen Earth Photos
 June 19 2008 10:06:01. June 19 2008 10:29:00. 
June 19 2008 10:36:44. June 19 2008 10:06:00.
Here's Rose Tyler reunited with her Doctor and his secret army of companions....
19/06/2008 New Facebook Group
You can now become a fan of Billie on our new Facebook site. You can upload your own favourite photos and videos of Billie, chat to other fans etc Click here to join. NB* You will need a Facebook account to join.
19/06/2008 Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Is A Ratings Hit In The US

Secret Diary of a Call Girl has proved a mega-hit in the US - pulling in a stonking 949,000 viewers for its American debut on channel Showtime.  The huge viewing figure also breaks a record - it is the cable network's highest ever rated debut for a new series in its 30-year history.  Showtime has already given the go-ahead to show a second series of the raunchy show, which airs on ITV2 this September. Well done, Billie!

17/06/2008 New Articles
We've scanned some new articles about the new episode of Doctor Who, Turn Left, in which Billie will make her reappearance as Rose Tyler.
17/06/2008 Cover Girl
Billie and the rest of the Doctor Who crew are featured in many of the TV listings magazines this week.
Billie tells the latest issue if the Radio Times, out today, how the Doctor effected Rose Tyler's life:
"She found this person who has made her celebrate life and humanity, and said: 'Look, you should have this zest for life because here are the reasons why it's great. Sometimes you need someone to shake you and make you look at what's going on around you and make you want to be a better person."
Freema Agyeman will also be back as Martha Jones. Russell T Davies says:  "The tragedy of the Doctor and Martha's relationship' was that she fell quietly in love with him,"
So will sparks fly between Martha and Rose over the Doctor?
Freema won't say but says simply: "there's a wonderful moment that just emphasises how much he needs them all in different ways and how they are very much part of a team within his life."

15th June 2008 - Rose In Action!
She's back! Dear lord can we contain our excitement? ... erm no! Here's the first real glimpse of Billie back in action as Rose Tyler in next week's episode of Doctor Who, Turn Left!

A few screen caps are below:

June 15 2008 05:32:41. June 15 2008 05:32:38. June 15 2008 05:32:39.

June 15 2008 05:32:40. June 15 2008 05:32:42.

A glimpse of Rose was also seen in last night's Doctor Who episode Midnight:

15th June 2008 - Billie In The LA Times & Hollywood Reporter

There's a new interview with Billie in the LA Times, talking about the launch of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl over in the US. Click here to read it. She is also featured in a brief chat with The Hollywood Reporter here.

15th June 2008 - Belle's Blog

See Billie in action as Belle and find out why she decided to become a call girl in this exclusive video from Showtime to promote Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:

You can also view the Showtime trailer here:



12th June 2008 - Rose's Return Getting Nearer
June 12 2008 11:16:14. June 12 2008 11:16:15. June 12 2008 11:16:16.
June 12 2008 11:16:18. June 12 2008 11:17:16.
Rose's return is edging ever nearer, with a reported cameo appearance in this week's Doctor Who episode, Midnight, Saturday 19:10pm on BBC One.
Her first full appearance will of course be the following week in Turn Left. Some stills from that can be seen above.

25th May 2008 - Billie Featured In New Doctor Who Trailer
May 25 2008 10:36:42. May 25 2008 10:36:43. May 25 2008 10:36:43.
May 25 2008 10:37:33. May 25 2008 10:37:33.
Last night saw the premiere of the new mid series trailer for Doctor Who on BBC One and it looks like Rose Tyler is back with a bang!
Watch Billie in action below!

Rose Tyler has already popped up a couple of times so far this series. Relive her brief but memorable appearances below:


25th May 2008 - Watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl On
The entire series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl can now be seen at
Plus in the run up to series 2, which will begin on ITV2 in September 2008, there is also a fantastic video clip of ‘Belle’s Naughtiest Moments’.
Secret Diary is also be repeated on ITV1 on Wednesday nights.
Visit ITV's Secret Diary Of A Call Girl site here for pics, vids an more.