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New Look For Rock-a-Billie

Freema Agyeman

New look for Rock-a-Billie.

7 May 2000 Sunday Mail Ltd

IF you want to join the jet set glamour crowd, then say goodbye to frills and fancies and get ready to rock like pop star Billie Piper.

The rock chick is back. It's grown up, glamorous and ultra chic.

Stunner Billie epitomises this style, and was happy to hang up her microphone for the day and model for Seven Days.

She's young, funky and carries this image well. The look is slim, tight and feisty with a real rock 'n' roll edge.

Billie made her mark on the charts with hits like Because We Want To and Girlfriend. She was also lucky in love, snaring a boyband boyfriend, Richie Neville from 5ive.

But the girl who seemed to have it all found herself the focus of attacks from jealous 5ive fans and under threat from new girls on the block, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It looked as though Billie's reign at the top was to be a short-lived one.

But after a two-year musical gap Billie is back with a more mature sound and an image to match.

Gone are the days of combat trousers and crop tops, instead the new and improved Billie has gone seriously sexy.

And the young songstress couldn't be happier. "I absolutely love the new Billie. Some people think that I've forced a change, but this is a very natural look for me."

It's a look that's very versatile. You can dress down in your favourite denims and a logo T-shirt or be a sultry sensation dressed from head to toe in a snakeprint outfit. Gone are the girlie frills and in their place are clothes with attitude, which suits Billie just fine. "I've never been a flowery skirt and blouse sort of girl. It's just not me."

So instead of skirts opt for denims. Wear them plain, with a big turn up or embellished with diamante and studs.

For the all-glamour look at night, the mix is tough but feminine. Kate Moss and Stella McCartney do it best with their little flimsy tops teamed with jeans. They can wear something understated but with real attitude.

At just 17, Billie has perfected this super cool attitude and has left behind the school girl tag. And her superstar status rests comfortably with her now as she recognises that she is a role model for teenagers across the world.

"If people want to treat me as a role model then that's fine with me.

"I'm a fairly sensible and dependable person so there's no pressure really. I'm not going to go and do anything completely crazy."

"But then again I am still a teenager and as long as people remember that then there's no problem!"

With new single Day And Night to promote, Billie will probably raise the glamour stakes in leather or snake skin.

If you want to do likewise then you'll be spoilt for choice in the shops. Leather is expensive, but the faux leather pvc looks great. It also comes in a variety of colours so you don't need to stick to the old black leather biker look.

The snake print patterns this season are the best we've seen yet. They are colourful and come in a wide range of items from Stetsons and belts to halter necks and bikinis. The Gucci outfit shown here is the ultimate in chic, but with a price to match. Don't worry, some shops have great imitations. Top Shop has the best catwalk copies about at great prices.

Accessories are a must for this look. Choose chokers, cuffs, bags and belts. They come in denim, leather, snake print and studs.

What you can't do without is this season's skinny belt. Whistles have a fabulous snake print belt with a diamante section at the buckle. You can buy these in most shops but the best are Oasis, River Island and Top Shop.

Heels are wickedly high and super sexy in different fabrics. Slip on denim mules or strappy sandals in a snake print.

And Billie is more than ready to groove again in her sexy shoes. With confidence being the ultimate accessory, she is delighted that her new look reflects a more mature person.

"I've grown up and so has my image. It's something I feel very at ease with now."