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March 2006

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31/03/2006, 16:27pm BST
Posted by Jack
TARDISODESThe Official Doctor Who Site is reporting that fans will be able to see even more of the Doctor and Rose when the new series starts, by downloading mini episodes on their mobiles or PCs. They say:
There's an extra treat lined up for viewers of Doctor Who this year. In addition to the 13 brand new TV episodes due to hit screens next month, viewers will be able to download 13 60-second mini episodes (or TARDISODES) either to their mobile phones or via broadband. Created by the team behind the interactive adventure Attack of the Graske, the TARDISODES will be additions to the main storyline, featuring back-stories about the characters and adventures coming up in the next episode.
Each one will be available to watch on Saturday nights after the previous week's episode goes out - and the BBC's Doctor Who website is the place to come to get your weekly fix.
You'll be able to subscribe to the TARDISODES from April 1 by texting TARDIS to 81010.

Doctor Who Adventures!
31/03/2006, 16:10pm BST
Posted by Jack
Doctor Who AdventuresFollowing in the massive success of the 2005 series of Doctor Who amongst younger viewers, BBC Magazines is launching a brand new fortnightly publication aimed at 6-12 year olds. Toni Round, Publisher of BBC Youth & Children's Magazines commented: "Doctor Who Adventures will be packed with monsters and secrets, and be full of entertainment, action and humour - the must-have magazine for young fans." Doctor Who Adventures will include original comic strips featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose, interviews, competitions, puzzles and behind-the-scenes photos. Each issue will also come with a free gift on the cover - Issue 1 boasts a Doctor Who stationery set. Eager young (and not-so-young) readers can get their hands on the first edition from 5 April.

David And Billie To Stay Put For Series Three!
30/03/2006, 09:13am BST
Posted by Sarah
A date with DavidThe press and fans are very excited today as it has been revealed that both David Tennant and Billie Piper have confirmed that they will be staying in their roles as The Doctor and Rose for the third series of Doctor Who. 
Speaking at Tuesday's Press Launch David said "I love it so much I think I'll still be here in 40 years time. I can just see it. There I am at 75 being told, 'You've got to come down now David'." 
The Daily Mail Online has revealed some great new series photos.

Curvy Billie A Role Model For Teens!
29/03/2006, 20:34pm BST
Billie Piper has been named as one of the celebs that doctors and parents think that teenage girls should aspire to look like.
Experts who are worried by teens aspiring to be as skinny as Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan say that curvy girls like Billie, Joss Stone and Charlotte Chuch are much healthier.
Click on the links below to read the articles on this:

Billie's BAFTA Nomination!
29/03/2006, 20:15pm BST
Billie Piper has been nomianted for the Best Actress Award at the BAFTA Cymru Awards for her role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. The winners will be announced during a ceremony at Cardiff International Arena on 22nd April.

Doctor Who Press Launch!
29/03/2006, 15:02pm BST
Click a pic to enlarge!
The countdown has begun! The new series of Doctor Who will launch on BBC1 at 19:00pm on Saturday 15th April 2006, it was announced at last night's press launch at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff.
David Tennant and Billie Piper attended (pictured above) along with the rest of the Doctor Who cast and crew.
Sky showbiz reports that David told them that he is over the moon at getting the chance to appear in EastEnders in the new series saying:
"I always wanted to be in the show and now it's happened. All the while I get to play the Time Lord too!"
  • David and Billie will be on Wales Today tonight from 18:25pm on BBC Wales.
  • GMTV will be showing exclusive interviews with David and Billie on Friday 31st March. It will be on the Entertainment Today section between 08:30am and 09:25am.

Check out the Photos section for more pics from the press launch.

Who's Thrillie With Billie!
26/03/2006, 13:08pm GMT
Click the pic to enlarge!
Today's News Of The World runs the above Doctor Who article on the screen kiss between the Doctor and his assistant Rose Tyler in the new series. Click on the pic above to read in full.

New DWM Details!
24/03/2006, 17:53pm GMT
Click a pic to enlarge!
The Official Doctor Who Site has details of the new DWM.
It will be available with two collector's covers, one featuring Billie Piper as Rose and the other featuring David Tennant as The Doctor.
There will be loads of backstage pics and previews of the first two episodes of the new series, New Earth and Tooth And Claw.
They will also officially reveal the launch date of the new series, so make sure you get down to your newsagents early on Thursday 30th March, in fact we might just go and dig our old sleeping bags out of the shed...

Site Updates!
24/03/2006, 16:40pm GMT
UKTV Gold screenings
Loads of updates for you today including lots of new Billie Photos from Starburst, TV Zone and Vogue in the Photos section.
The Vogue interview is also available here.
And check out the The Diary for Series 2 Doctor Who air dates...

Site Updates!
19/03/2006, 14:09pm GMT
Two new interviews have been added to the Interviews section. And new Series Two Doctor Who set pics to the Photos section.

Silly Billie Russell!
19/03/2006, 13:35pm GMT
Wales On Sunday are reporting on Russell T Davies' initial worries about casting Billie as the Doctor's assistant, Rosr Tyler. They say:
Welsh Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies has revealed how he was worried about casting Billie Piper as the Time Lord's sidekick.
The former wife of DJ Chris Evans saddles up alongside new Doctor David Tennant when the second series of the hit BBC One show begins at Easter.
But in an interview with the New York Times, Swansea-born Davies said: "It was a bit like casting Britney Spears, and then we auditioned her and discovered she was brilliant."
And Davies has ruled out nudity in the new series, adding: "If you want to just get silly with it, you might as well go and see a flasher movie."

Doctor Who Weekend On UKTV Gold!
17/03/2006, 17:31pm GMT
UKTV Gold screeningsThe official Doctor Who Website is reporting that in April UKTV Gold will be having a Doctor Who weekend with back to back episodes of the Ninth Doctor and Rose's adventues. They say:
With a brand new series of exciting Doctor Who adventures about to launch on BBC One, those lovely people at UKTV Gold have decided to give everyone a treat by repeating all of the 2005 series over the course of one weekend. From 11am to 5pm (6pm on Sunday) on 8 and 9 April 2006, viewers can watch the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) defeat the Daleks, squash the Slitheen and grapple with the Gelth, in all thirteen episodes from the first series. So settle down with a flask of tea and a packet of biscuits and remind yourself just how good it all was...

Site Updates!
17/03/2006, 17:28pm GMT
Loads of new pictures have been added in the Photos section and you can now view some of Billie's old pop videos in the Downloads section!

USA Article Update!
17/03/2006, 15:32pm GMT
The USA Press are going wild over the premiere of the new series of Doctor Who tonight! Read the articles below:

New Series Starts In USA!
16/03/2006, 19:58pm GMT
The USA will get their first taster of Billie Piper as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who tomorrow on the Sci Fi Channel.
The new series will start at 21:00pm tomorrow night with a double bill of 'Rose' and 'The End Of The World'.

SFX Out Now!
16/03/2006, 19:49pm GMT
Click the pic to enlarge!
The new issue of SFX is out now and includes a behind the scenes look at the new series of Doctor Who. Click on the pic above to see a fab pic of Billie on set!

New DVD Cover!
16/03/2006, 19:29pm GMT
Click pic to enlarge!
The official Doctor Who site has revealed the cover for the first DVD in the Tenth Doctor series. They say:
2Entertain have revealed their design for the first vanilla DVD release of the Tenth Doctor era. The disc will contain both the festive special The Christmas Invasion and New Earth, the first episode of the 2006 series. The DVD is expected to be released on 1 May 2006 although, as always, dates are subject to change. Four further DVDs will be released, each containing three episodes apiece, before a complete, extras-enhanced set becomes available at the end of the year.

Billie On The Bill Boards!
15/03/2006, 17:00pm GMT
Click on the pic to enlarge!
Billie will be gracing the bill boards to advertise the posh London department store Harrods in the UK.

BAFTA Nomination For Who!
13/03/2006, 15:57pm GMT
The Sun Online are reporting that Doctor Who has been nominated for a TV BAFTA for Best Programme Of The Year. And it's up to you who wins so make sure you vote for Billie and her time traveling pals by clicking here!
You can see the awards on ITV1 on the 8th May 2006.

Billie Unlucky In Love?
13/03/2006, 15:54pm GMT 
Billie has been voted as one of the unluckiest in love celebrities according to poll at
Female First report:

Jennifer Aniston has been voted the most unlucky in love celebrity. The former 'Friends' actress, who was ditched by husband Brad Pitt so he could romance Angelina Jolie, has topped a poll to find the star Cupid has smiled upon the least. Aniston beat long-term singleton Robbie Williams to the unwanted title, Nicole Kidman - whose ex-husband Tom Cruise is now engaged to the pregnant Katie Holmes - was named fourth, while British TV star Billie Piper rounded off the top five. Other heartbroken stars to make the top ten, include Renee Zellweger - whose marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney lasted just four months - maneater Kate Moss, who can count Pete Doherty and Johnny Depp among her exes and Julia Roberts, who dumped '24' star Kiefer Sutherland just before their wedding in 1991 after discovering he had cheated on her with a stripper. The unhappy poll was conducted by internet gift site

Cover Girl!
12/03/2006, 17:13pm GMT
Click on the pic to enlarge!
Billie and new Doctor Who, David Tennant, are the cover stars of the April issue of SFX magazine. The magazine, which is out for sucribers now, also features a Doctor Who set report. Many thanks to Amy.

Photo Frenzy!
12/03/2006, 17:11pm GMT
Head over to our Photos section now to see more than 100 new pictures of Billie Piper!

FHM Vote!
09/03/2006, 16:26pm GMT
Make sure you cast your vote for Billie in this year's FHM Sexiest Women Poll. Click here to vote! 

Congratulations Billie!
08/03/2006, 16:57pm GMT
Congratulations to Billie who won the award for Best New TV Talent at Television and Radio Industries Club Awards last night.

Take Part In Totally Doctor Who!
06/03/2006, 16:58pm GMT
The Official Doctor Who website has revealed the following details on how younger fans can get involved in the new CCBC show Totally Doctor Who:
CBBC's new Doctor Who-themed magazine show will be called Totally Doctor Who - and the programme team want all young fans out there to get involved.
Totally Doctor Who are recruiting cadets for a Companion Academy. Eight Cadets will be picked, but only the best will make it through the gruelling physical and mental challenges of the Academy. The prize? A day on the Doctor Who set.
Or if you think you're the biggest Who brainbox around, take the Who-ru challenge. Stump the Totally Doctor Who studio guests with your Who knowledge and you'll walk away with some serious prizes.
And Totally Doctor Who also want to hear how much you love Doctor Who. Have you built your own time machine or held a Doctor Who fancy dress party? Send in your photos, videos, stories, pictures, or anything else.
Plus, if you've got a burning question you want to put to Doctor Who cast or crew, send it in and the Totally team will do their best to get an answer.
How to get involved.
To enter for Companion Academy, send a video of yourself, no more than a minute long, explaining why you'd make a great Cadet. Previous time-travel experience isn't essential, but you must be between 7 and 12.
For Who-ru, send in your three best Doctor Who facts (all about the ninth and tenth Time Lord).
Or just send in questions and cool stuff to:
Totally Doctor Who, PO Box 5158, CF5 9BD, marking whether it's a Companion Academy or Who-ru entry,
or by email to
If you're sending a video, make sure your parent or guardian gives their permission in a letter. Send it in along with your tape.

Broadcasting Press Guild Programme Awards!
06/03/2006, 16:52pm GMT
Billie has been nominated in the Best Actress catergory at the Broadcasting Press Guild Programme Awards. Her Doctor Who co stars, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, have both been nominated for Best Actor. Doctor Who has a total of five nominations.The awards will be held at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in London on March 31.

New Series DVD Information!
06/03/2006, 16:50pm GMT have announced the realease dates for Volumes One and Two of the new series DVDs.
Volume One will include The Christmas Invasion and New Earth and will be relased on 1st May 2006. Click here to pre order it.
Volume Two will include Tooth And Claw, School Reunion and The Girl In The Fireplace and will be released on 5th June 2006. Click here to pre order it.

On Set Scans!
06/03/2006, 16:47pm GMT
Click on a pic to enlarge!
The above scans come from TV Quick and Celeb magazines and cover the filming of The Idiot's Lantern in Cardiff earlier last month.

Glamour Awards!
06/03/2006, 16:43m GMT
Billie has been nominated for Best Actress at this year's Glamour Awards. The ceremony will take place in June. You can vote for Billie online by clicking here, or you can use the form in the current issue of the magazine.
By voting you will be entered into a prize draw to win tickts to the event!

Radio Times Party Pics!
06/03/2006, 16:40pm GMT
Click a pic to enlarge!
The above photos come from the Radio Times Covers Party which Billie attended alongside her Doctor Who co star David Tennant and writer Russell T Davies.