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April 2006

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Hold The Front Page!
12/04/2006, 06:05am BST
Posted by Jack
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The Official Doctor Who Site have revealed details from the latest issue of the Radio Times.
They say: Radio Times has pushed the boat out once again to celebrate the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens (don't forget - Saturday 15 April, 7.15pm, BBC One). The new edition boasts a specially-shot fold-out cover and a 16-page supplement all about the new series, featuring photos, facts and interviews with David Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies. The magazine also boasts a huge photo of all of the cast and crew involved in making the new series - and from Tuesday, you can visit the Radio Times website to see a video of how this shot was achieved.

Billie To Go Back To School!
12/04/2006, 06:03am BST
Posted by Jack are reporting that Billie feels she missed on school because her pop career:

Billie Piper is considering going back to school because she feels stupid compared to her studious boyfriend.

The ‘Doctor Who’ beauty - who dropped out of school aged just 14 to pursue a pop career - claims her law student boyfriend, Amadu Sowe, has inspired her to read again and rediscover the joys of learning.

Billie, now 23, said: "I feel so under-educated around him. I have to teach myself. I kind of wish I’d continued with my education, but that’s something I can do in the future.

"I’m reading more than ever. I used to find it tedious, but now it’s like my little friend- it takes my mind off things."

The sexy blonde says her newly discovered thirst for knowledge is something she shares with her ‘Doctor Who’ character Rose Tyler.

She added to InStyle magazine: "When you first met Rose, she’s living this mundane life, waiting for something exciting to happen, and I know exactly how that feels. I still feel like that sometimes."

Frilly Billie Thrills Us!
08/04/06, 17:49pm BST
Posted by Jack
Billie is featured posing in a range of saucy circus inspired outfits in the latest issue of InStyle.
She looks the business in a stripy corset and sexy floral dress. Click on the links below to read the article and see more stunning shots.

Tooth And Claw Glasgow Launch!
07/04/06, 18:47pm BST
Posted by Sarah
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David Tennant, Billie Piper and the Doctor Who team where in Glasgow yesterday, for the launch of the second Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw, and to celebrate the fact that David uses his native accent as he defends Queen Victoria from an evil WereWolf!
David and Russell T Davies were featured on Radio Scotland this morning and David confirmed that he has a new project coming up over the summer that will be 'Totally different to Doctor Who' We'll bring you the latest on that as we get it.

Billie's Getting Broody!
06/04/2006, 17:00pm BST
Posted by Jack
Billie has revealed that she's keen to re marry and have kids. The Daily Reacord reports:

Billie, 23, who is divorcing former telly tycoon Chris Evans, says she is keen to get married again and start a family. Appearing in this month's In Style in a sexy, stripy basque, the Time Lord's sidekick admits time certainly flies for her.

Billie, who married Evans, 16 years her senior, in LA when she was 18 and is now dating a law student, said: "I do think in fast forward. I've always done things a lot quicker than anyone else."

The Works!
02/03/2006, 20:44pm BST
Posted by Sarah
There's a new interview with Billie from the latest issue of The Works here.

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again!
01/03/2006, 21:16pm BST
Posted by Sarah
The new Doctor Who trailer aired today for the first time on BBC one at 19:00pm. It featured the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS and was interspersed with clips from some forthcoming episodes.