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May 2006

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Heeeeuuuge News Update!
31//05/06, 16:38pm BST
So sorry for the recent lack of updates! We will be back to normal as soon as possible and that starts today with a huge round up of the news we've missed!
Billie Signs Up For Mansfield Park Remake!
According to The Sunday Telegraph on 21/05/06 Billie is set to play the role of Fanny Price in a multi million pound remake of Mansfield Park.
They say:
ITV is to cast Billie Piper as Fanny Price, the heroine of Mansfield Park, in a new multi-million pound adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. The move, confirmed by Simon Shaps, the director of television at ITV, is part of a far-reaching plan to revamp ITV1's programming line-up. The broadcaster's flagship channel has been hit by steeply falling advertising revenues and the desertion of high-value ABC1 viewers to other channels. ITV plans to invest 300m this year in new drama, including Mansfield Park. The season of Austen adaptations will be one of the highlights of a new-look schedule that will contain more high-quality drama and comedy as well as a line-up of big-name stars such as Christopher Ecclestone, the Dr Who actor, and Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, the fashion show presenters. Shaps told The Sunday Telegraph: "We are looking for drama where the storytelling can be a bit more complex and the situations a bit less predictable. ITV1 has appealed to all audiences, and provided something for everybody. "That is an important part of what we want to do. Our heartland audience watches ITV week in and week out. . . But at the same time we cannot afford not to have programming which appeals to ABC1 viewers aged 16-34 at the same time. "It is a clear plan that says ITV1 as a network needs to appeal to the broadest range of audiences. That does include audiences that perhaps make greater demands and have higher expectations." ITV1 has also hired Peter Jones, the entrepreneur who appeared in BBC2's Dragons' Den show, and Steve Ryder, the former BBC sports commentator, to present this summer's World Cup.
Billie To Pen Life Story!
Billie is set to write her autobiography! She has reportedly signed a six figure publishing deal.
The actress will reveal the details of her rise to fame as a teenage popstar, Piper said of the book: "It may sound ridiculous being just 23 but I've a few good stories I'd like to share. I'm hoping the book will be honest, funny, insightful and, above all, life-affirming,"
"This is a chance for me to talk openly about other areas of my life. Things that people won't know. Things that I'm hoping lots of people can relate to and maybe even be inspired by."
Billie To Be The First Female Doctor?
Billie told the press that thinks the next the Doctor should be a woman and that she would jump at the chance to play the role..
"In the next few years I’d love to play a female version of Doctor Who." the actress said. "I know exactly how I would play her – she would be crafty in a clever kind of way."
Billie Is A Low Maitenance Girl!
Billie Piper has said in a recent interview that her fashion style is based’ on comfort and warmth’ not high maintenance.
The actress also said that she doesn’t feel under any pressure just because she is in the spotlight to change her style.
Piper told New Woman that she has ‘gym wear, sleepwear and going down the shops wear’ that she can wear for several days.
Rumours Of A Return To Pop Are Untrue!
Despite recent claims by the News Of The World that Billie is 'despereate to restart her pop career' Billie insists that the only place she sings these days is in the shower and she has no plans to go back to her singing roots.
Scary Scenes!
Billie has told the Radio Times that the next episodes of Doctor Who, The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, are the scariest yet!
Billie In Sexiest Women Poll!
Billie came in at No.11 in this year's FHM Sexiest Women Poll.