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Doctor Who

Freema Agyeman

Rose Tyler
Billie took the role of Rose Tyler in Doctor Who when it was brought back to our TV screens in 2005. She stayed for two series of the show.
During her time as Doctor's Companion she worked with actors Christopher Eccleston, as the Ninth Doctor, and David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.
"It was a long, thorough search to find Billie," explains Executive Producer Russell T. Davies. "We auditioned all sorts of actors, but Billie is absolutely perfect, and very close to the description of Rose on the page.

"I think the companion is as pivotal to these adventures as the Doctor himself - Rose can be our eyes, discovering spaceships and alien creatures with awe and wonder, and a vital sense of humour.
Billie bowed out of Doctor Who at the end of the second series when her charcter Rose Tyler has to bid farewell to the Doctor.
"Rose and I have gone on the most incredible journey with Russell T Davies and the cast and crew of Doctor Who over the past two years," said Billie.
"It has been an amazing adventure, and I can confirm it comes to an end, for now at least, as series two climaxes.
"I am truly indebted to Russell for giving me the chance to play Rose Tyler, and to all the Doctor Who fans old and new who have been so supportive of me in this amazing role. Thank you so much."
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Meet Rose Tyler
Find out how Rose Marion Tyler went from London Shopgirl to defender of the Earth, from her very first meeting with the Doctor to her tear jerking finale at Bad Wolf Bay.
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