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Meet The Tylers

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It wasn't just Rose Tyler's life that was effected by her relationship with the Doctor, her loving mum Jackie, her loyal boyfriend Mickey and even her dad Pete, who had died when she was just a baby all had their lives changed forever.

Jackie Tyler

Rose Tyler

Jackie Tyler was born February 1, 1967. Jackie is a single mum, following the death of her husband Pete. She workd from her on the Powell Estate in London as a hairdresser.

Jackie first met the Doctor after the department store at which Rose worked was destroyed. When the Doctor arrived at the flat Jackie and Rose share, Jackie attempted to flirt with the Doctor, to little avail. This first encounter set the stage for a sometimes antagonistic relationship between the two. During the final phase of the Auton invasion, several Autons attacked Jackie, but her life was spared when Rose and the Doctor managed to destroy the physical form of the Nestene Consciousness.

Jackie appeared briefly in The End of the World, when the Doctor enabled Rose's mobile phone to call Jackie from five billion years in the future. From Jackie's point of view, this phone call took place before the events of Rose.

When Rose left with the Doctor in the TARDIS, she intended to be back within hours. However, when Rose returned to London in Aliens of London, she discovered that twelve whole months had elapsed. Out of her mind with worry, Jackie had in the intervening year organised a poster campaign to search for her missing daughter, and even accused Rose's boyfriend Mickey of murdering her. When Rose returned, Jackie was furious with the Doctor for taking her away. Jackie also could not understand why Rose would not tell her where she had been, but discovered the truth when she saw the TARDIS. She was also nearly killed by a Slitheen disguised as a policeman, and began to truly appreciate how dangerous Rose's new lifestyle was when the Doctor ended the Slitheen's plans by calling a missile strike down on 10 Downing Street where he and Rose were trapped at the time.

While Jackie appears flighty at times, she genuinely loves her daughter and is extremely concerned for her safety, particularly given the life the Doctor and Rose lead. Even though her attitude towards the Doctor softened from hostility to grudging acceptance, she continued to worry about Rose and waited for her daughter's return.

A younger Jackie, appeared in Father's Day. Despite Rose's idyllic image of her parents' marriage, the relationship she saw when she travelled with the Doctor back to 1987 was stormy, and Jackie was threatening to divorce Pete. However, these fights were short-lived, and it was clear that both Jackie and Pete loved each other despite the arguments. After Pete's death, Jackie would tell Rose about her father, painting a picture of Pete as the ideal husband he was not.

The present-day Jackie made another appearance in the 2005 series finale, The Parting of the Ways. When the Doctor sent Rose back to her own time, Jackie was initially glad to have her daughter home again. However, she eventually helped Rose open the TARDIS console and return to help the Doctor. When she next appeared in The Christmas Invasion, her relationship with the Doctor was warmer than it was with his earlier incarnation: the Tenth Doctor was more open and friendly than the Ninth, and she seemed to trust him more.

Jackie features in five episodes of the 2006 series and made a brief appearance in the first episode New Earth. Coduri appeared as the Jackie Tyler of a parallel Earth in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel. The "real" Jackie also made an appearance in the penultimate scene of the latter episode. Jackie appeared in Love & Monsters, where she expressed how hard and lonely it was to be left behind by her daughter, but promised that she would defend the Doctor and Rose for as long as she lived.

In Army of Ghosts she was caught up in the events of the Cyberman invasion when she was unwillingly taken along in the TARDIS to Torchwood Tower. Eventually Jackie ended up being transported to the parallel universe to live out her life, and started a new relationship with the alternate Pete. As of the end of Doomsday, she is three months pregnant with Pete's child and is living with Mickey, Rose and Pete as a family once more.

Pete Tyler

Rose Tyler

Pete Tyler was born on September 15, 1954 and died on November 7, 1987 in a hit-and-run accident when Rose was about six months old.

In Father's Day, Rose asked the Doctor to take her back to 1987 so she could witness her father's death. Jackie had told Rose as a child that her father had died alone, and Rose wanted to be there for him. When she was faced with the reality of what she was seeing, however, Rose impulsively rushed forward and saved Pete from being run down, changing history and causing a temporal paradox that damaged time. This attracted the destructive Reapers, who began to "sterilise" the wound in time by devouring everything in sight.

Pete eventually figured out that Rose was his daughter, and on listening to her describe what an ideal father he had been, also realised that Rose was lying to cover up the fact that he was supposed to be dead. The presence of Rose awakened Pete's paternal instincts; to save everyone and restore history, he deliberately stepped in front of the car that should have killed him. His sacrifice dismissed the Reapers and put time back on track, although history did change to a small extent — this time the driver did not flee the scene, and Rose was there to hold Pete's hand while he was dying. Pete died with a smile while looking on his daughter's face.

Although Pete was gone, it was his persistent spirit and a penchant for (as Jackie put it) "mad ideas" that Rose inherited. These pushed her to keep trying even when all hope seemed lost in the season finalé The Parting of the Ways, and save the world again.

A parallel Earth version of Pete Tyler appeared in the 2006 series episodes Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel and Doomsday. In this universe, not only is Pete still alive, but his Vitex health drinks have become hugely popular, and he is rich and successful (although he privately admitted to the President of Great Britain that they are just fizzy drinks). However, he and Jackie had not had children, although they had a pet terrier named Rose and were separated. In addition, his company had been bought by Cybus Corporation, leaving him relatively powerless.

The first assault of the Cybermen was at his mansion, on the occasion of Jackie's fortieth birthday. At first believed to be one of Lumic's minions, Pete revealed that he had in fact been a mole (under the name of Gemini) secretly broadcasting information about Lumic's dealings on an encrypted channel. He believed he was getting it to the Security Services, but was disappointed to discover he had in fact been communicating with Ricky Smith's small-time resistance group, the Preachers. He agreed to infiltrate the Cyber-factory and was horrified to discover that Jackie had been converted into a Cyberman.

Escaping from the burning factory, Pete was eventually responsible for severing a rope ladder which Lumic (now the Cyber-Controller) was using, sending Lumic falling to his apparent death. Rose tried to tell Pete about her origins, but he was unable to handle this information, quickly slipping away to help deal with the mess Lumic had left.

In the 2006 series finale, Doomsday, Pete had apparently moved into a position of leadership in the People's Republic. The surviving Cybermen from Lumic's factories had invaded the Doctor's universe thanks to a breach between realities caused by the passage of a Dalek void ship.  Using technology from his universe's version of the Torchwood Institute, Pete, Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds travelled to the Doctor's universe to help defeat the Cybermen. It became apparent, however, that constant travel between the worlds was damaging both universes, and only the Doctor could seal the breach.

Initially, Pete was ambivalent about the fate of the Doctor's world, Rose and that world's version of Jackie, but was ultimately unable to shake his concern for them. He met Jackie when he crossed over, swiftly forming a new relationship with her after an initial awkwardness, and later rescued Rose from falling into the breach. Following the sealing of the breach, all three Tylers were a family again on the parallel Earth, along with Mickey. When last seen, he and Jackie were expecting another child.

Mickey Smith

Rose Tyler

Mickey Smith was the boyfriend of Rose Tyler before she has her head turned by the Doctor and his time travelling adventures.

Mickey's father, Jackson Smith, left for Spain when he was very young. Mickey's mother could not cope with raising him alone and left him to be raised by his blind grandmother, Rita-Anne; however, Mickey's mother remained a sufficient part of Mickey's life that when Rose believed Mickey to be dead, she said, "I'll have to tell his mother." A few years prior to the events of Rose, Rita-Anne died after slipping on a damaged carpet and falling down the stairs. Mickey felt responsible for her death as he did not repair the carpet, despite frequent reminders.

When Rose, while investigating the Doctor, went to visit a conspiracy theorist named Clive, Mickey was captured by the Nestene Consciousness, which created a living plastic facsimile of him to gather intelligence about the Doctor. Kept a captive by the Nestenes to maintain the duplicate, he was overwhelmed by the revelation that alien life existed and was in a state of paralysed panic throughout most of the Doctor and Rose's final confrontation with the Nestenes.

Mickey's initial cowardice (and his panicky description of the Doctor as an "alien... a thing") did not impress the Doctor, and when the Doctor offered to take on Rose as his newest companion, he pointedly said that Mickey was not invited. While mere days passed for Rose in the TARDIS, a year had passed in London when she returned in Aliens of London. In the interim, she had been declared missing. Mickey was suspected of Rose's murder and interviewed by the police on five occasions but was not arrested due to lack of evidence. Mickey had also spent the year unearthing information about the Doctor and waiting for Rose to return, taking over the website formerly run by Clive.

Although still dismissive of Mickey (deliberately calling him "Ricky" and terming him "Mickey the Idiot"), the Doctor had to rely on him when the Doctor and Rose were trapped inside 10 Downing Street during the events of World War Three. Mickey's actions in that story, bravely defending Rose's mother Jackie from the Slitheen and helping end the alien threat, earned him a degree of the Doctor's respect. At the conclusion of the story, the Doctor offered Mickey a place aboard the TARDIS but he declined, asking the Doctor not to tell Rose that he had done so. The Doctor in turn gave Mickey a compact disc containing a computer virus that would wipe out all mention of him on the Internet, but according to his website, Mickey was undecided as to whether to use it.

A younger (around six years old) version of Mickey appeared in the episode Father's Day played by Casey Dyer, where he met the time travelling Rose in 1987, although he was not made aware of the role she would play in his future. The present-day Mickey reappeared in Boom Town, where he told Rose that he had started dating Trisha Delaney, although whether this was true or merely to make Rose jealous and return to him is not certain. Although he bitterly walked away from Rose at the end of that episode, he was willing to help Rose get back to the Doctor in the 2005 series finale The Parting of the Ways.

Mickey returned in the 2005 Christmas special, The Christmas Invasion, and also briefly appeared at the opening of New Earth. After The Christmas Invasion he took a more proactive stance in investigating extraterrestrial threats to Earth, alerting Rose and the Doctor to strange events at a local secondary school in School Reunion. At the end of that episode, he joined the TARDIS crew as a regular companion, although he expressed the worry that he was a third wheel and taken for granted, comparing himself to "the tin dog" (K-9).

When visiting a parallel Earth in Rise of the Cybermen, he was mistaken for and met his counterpart, Ricky Smith, leader of the resistance group called the Preachers. He also met the parallel version of Rita-Anne, who had not died. Ricky was killed by the Cybermen before Mickey's eyes, and something inside him changed as a result. Mickey went on to become instrumental in defeating the Cybermen.

As the Doctor and Rose were about to leave, Mickey announced he was staying behind to assist the Preachers in mopping up the remaining Cybermen and look after the parallel version of Rita-Anne now that Ricky was gone. As the Doctor stated that travel between parallel universes was impossible, it seemed that Mickey would not be seen again. However, he appeared in Army of Ghosts, infiltrating the Torchwood Institute under an assumed name. The Cybermen of the parallel Earth, on the verge of defeat, had followed an interdimensional craft through to Mickey's own universe, and he was the first member of the Preachers to follow them, armed with parallel Torchwood technology. He also appeared more confident and self-assured than he had been previously, but he still did not expect the Daleks to emerge from the void ship. He soon became part of the fight against the Dalek and Cyberman armies. At the conclusion of Doomsday, Mickey returned to the parallel universe and the breach was sealed. Mickey is currently living with Rose, Jackie, and Pete.