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Sally Lockhart Character Profile

Sally Lockhart played By Billie Piper

Sally may only be 19 years old but she's a remarkable young woman - beautiful, with extraordinary strength and determination. She was orphaned when her father, shipping agent Matthew Lockhart, drowned when his ship went down in the South China Seas.

Sally and her father were very close. Her upbringing was pretty eccentric: he taught her all about book-keeping, how to fire a pistol, and how to speak Hindustani like a native. Not exactly the ideal accomplishments of a Victorian lady.

But Sally's remarkable assets will prove very useful indeed, as she is drawn into the dark web of secrets surrounding her father's death.

Sally receives a note from a stranger which puts her in grave danger - particularly when she crosses the path of a terrifying old hag called Mrs Holland. But Sally also finds new friends in Jim Taylor, the company dogsbody at her father's firm, and the handsome photographer Frederick Garland. Together, they set about solving the mystery - and form close new friendships along the way...