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!Get Billie Back In The Charts!

Freema Agyeman

Billie Piper
Honey To The Bee
Recorded 1999
Honey To The Bee was a hit for Billie way back in 1999, but now it looks set to enter the charts again thanks to the new download rules, Radio 1 and some fantastic fans!
22/01/2007 Billie At No.17
Billie has entered the Official UK Music Chart at No.17 on downloads only!
Honey To The Bee was originally released in the UK in April 1999 and made it to No.3 at the peak of Billie's pop career.
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19/01/2007 Buzzing Up and Up!
Honey To The Bee is continuing to buzz it's way up the download charts!
It is currently at No.3 on MSN Downloads and No.5 on iTunes.
Do your duty Piper fans!
PS Who's up for a bit of the same with Day & Night next week! ;)
Meanwhile BBC Newsround have picked up on the story of how Doctor Who fans are trying to get Billie's track and Love Don't Roam, which was featured in The Runaway Bride into the Top Ten!
Thanks to Charlotte for the iTunes update!
18/01/2007 - Why You Gotta Play That Song So Loud?!
Honey To The Bee is continuing to climb the iTunes download chart and is currently at No.8!
Click the banner at the top of the page to download the track.
You can also watch the video and lear the lyrics in our updated Music section.
17/01/2007 Billie In The Charts Again!

Billie is storming her way up the charts again and all without singing a note! It's all down to Radio One DJ Chris Moyles and a chane in the way the charts are counted to include downloads. Chris played Billie's 1999 hit single Honey To The Bee on his show to see if people would be encouraged to download the track and make it a hit all over again. And it seems to be working, with Honey To The Bee currently at No.29 in the Official Download chart today, it is expected to make the Top 20 when the chart is annonced on Sunday! Do your bit and download it now! It looks like Billie the pop star is back!