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January 2007

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31/01/2007, 17:19pm GMT
Red Nose Day DVD
Billie is featured on the new Comic Relief Red Nose Day Fundraising DVD. She is among a host of celebs giving their tips on how to raise money for the charity. Visit for all the details and to see a short clip of the DVD.
BBC Three Who Repeats
This Friday (1st February) sees BBC Three start repeating the Tenth Doctor and Rose episodes. The Christmas Invasion and Doctor Who Confidential: The Last Battle kick off proceedings with a marathon of Confidential's New New Doctor, New Earth and Tooth and Claw airing the following Friday (8th February).
See The Diary for full details.
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30/01/2007, 17:33pm GMT
The Tiger In The Well Gets Commissioned By The BBC
BBC1 has commissioned a television adaptation of the latest installment of Phillip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart Mysteries - starring Billie Piper - for next year.
The first drama in the series The Ruby in the Smoke, featured Piper as the Victorian teenage sleuth in her first role after leaving Doctor Who, alongside Julie Walters. The show performed strongly in the ratings when it aired during Christmas 2006.
The broadcaster has already filmed its sequel The Shadow in the North, which is due to transmit later in 2007, but it is understood it was waiting to see how the programme performed before pushing ahead with the third - The Tiger in the Well.
An insider told The Stage: “Resources are tight and set to get tighter so you can’t assume that because you have done one book that you will do more.”
Adrian Hodges, whose credits include Charles II - The Power and the Passion, The History of Mr Polly and the first two Pullman novels in the franchise, is now working on the adaptation.
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from Boom Town have been added to the Image Archive. See them here.
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29/01/2007, 17:42pm GMT
Have You Seen Billie In Treats?
If you have been lucky enough to see Billie in Treats would you like to write a review for the site? Or perhaps you have been lucky enough to meet Billie and have your photo taken with her after the show, why not send them to us and we will display them on the site!!
Send photos in an email marked 'Yes I Met Billie!' to (JPEG files only please.)
Reviews should be emailed to the same address marked 'Treats Review'
You can see the photos we have received so far here!
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27/01/2007, 17:26pm GMT
Billie Tells Of Stage Fright Fears
Billie Piper  and Laurence Fox in Treats
Actress Billie Piper says she is terrified of going on stage in her first theatre production, but is relishing the challenge.
She is appearing in Christopher Hampton's Treats with Kris Marshall (best known for playing Nick in My Family) and Laurence Fox (Kevin Whatley's sidekick in Lewis).
The play is on tour and will be appearing at the Theatre Royal Bath fromFebruary 5 to 10, the closes it will get to her home town of Swindon, before a West End transfer to the Garrick Theatre February 28.
She said: "I feel like the adrenalin and the nerves put you in this trance-like state where you find it hard to judge what you've just done. But at this point of the game, I just feel like throwing up. But I think that's normal, right?"
She said she is nervous because this is the first play she has ever done. But she's up for the challenge, and fear is a key part of that process. At just 24, she's lived her life in the public spotlight for most of the last decade, but has constantly reinvented herself over that time.
"I am trying to have a go at a few different things and trying to stretch myself and give things a whirl - and I hope that I can pull them off. I think its important and I want do to do it now, while I'm a bit younger - I don't want to get too scared of doing things. I'm at a position in my life where I want to keep scaring myself, before I become a bit stale and maybe complacent."
Though she began her career as a pop star while still a teenager - and at the age of 15, became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart - "acting was what I always wanted to do", she said.
"That's been my first love, and the pop career hijacked all of those plans. But I'm glad I did it in a way - it has opened many doors for me, though it closed a few, too." And she learnt a lot, too, about fame and the need to follow her heart's real desire.
How did she deal with all the attention then? "I don't know - I didn't cope very well with it at all. Initially it was fine, but then I found it a real struggle and it sent me slightly crazy.
" I just knew I had to do something I loved, or I would continue to feel like a charlatan for the rest of my life, being in the wrong career. I wasn't born with Mariah Carey's voice - I don't have a massive set of lungs on me and I can't play instruments. So I always felt like I was lying and doing the wrong thing."
Four years ago she enrolled in acting classes in Los Angeles, where she was living at the time, "because I could be completely anonymous and become a student again". As a teenager, the form Bradon Forest, Purrton, pupil had left home to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London for two years.
"It's a great school and it taught me a lot - I loved it there," she said. She never went back home afterwards.
"After that, that was me sold, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours - literally," she said.
She was caught up in the rush of a full-time career and said it was a difficult way to grow up.
"Fortunately for me I have a great family and finally a great circle of friends, who just keep me on the straight and narrow. I'm not really interested in the fame and all that - I like working and grafting and trying new things and challenging my ideas."
After LA, she returned to London and quickly started winning television roles that included a contemporary version of The Canterbury Tales, before winning the role of Rose Tyler in the return of Dr Who, which she played for two series. She won the Times Breakthrough Award at the South Bank Show Awards in 2006 for her successful transition from singing to acting.
"I really wanted to do theatre, but I knew at the beginning of my career that I just wasn't ready for it. Then I was working with David Tennant on Dr Who, who has done a lot of stage work, and he would tell me tales of the stage and it just sounded so great. And he encouraged me to have a stab at it - he gave me a taste for it, so I have him to thank - or blame!"
She appreciates that on stage there is nowehere to hide if things go wrong.
"There isn't, but I don't want to hide. I just want to have a go and be good,'' she said.
"And I'm working with two great actors and a great director, so I'm in very good company."
She plays a young woman, Ann, who replaces her difficult long-term boyfriend Dave (Kris Marshall) with the more conventional Patrick (Laurence Fox), but can't decide which one she wants when Dave returns from a trip abroad "She is a young, incredibly smart woman who is very confused about love. She has been with the impossible man for two-and-a-half years since leaving uni, and he's abused her, mentally, physically and emotionally, and she's trying to find what she wants now,'' she said.
"Those relationships are addictive - you want to be around men like Dave and you gravitate towards them. But they break you as women, they make you weak. For someone who's so smart, so witty and so decisive, it really brings her down. It's about her battle with knowing what's right and how to make the right choices."
And doing the theatre is definitely the right choice for Billie as an actress now. "The level of concentration is like nothing I have ever known before. When it's great, it's the best feeling I've ever experienced."
Gallery Updates
Yet more screen caps from series one of Doctor Who have been added to the Image Archive. This time they are from the episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. To see them please click here.
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26/01/2007, 20:42pm GMT
New Avatars
New avatars of Billie as Rose Tyler have been added here.
Gallery Update
Screen caps from The Long Game and Father's Day have been added to the Image Archive. To see them click here.
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25/01/2007, 19:21pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Screen caps from the Doctor Who episodes, Aliens Of London, World War III and Dalek have all been added to the Image Archive. To see them click here.
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24/01/2007, 18:27pm GMT
New Wallpapers
Lots and lots of new wallpapers of Billie and of her Doctor Who character Rose Tyler have been added to our downloads section. Click here to see them.
Wannabe Billie
Ex S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearitt is keen to follow in Billie's foot steps and turn from pop star to Sci Fi babe.
She is starring in ITV's Doctor Who / Torchwood style show Primeval and told The Sun she is keen to achieve as much as Billie did as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who.
"The great thing about Billie Piper is that she has shown it can be done. Maybe I couldn't have got this far if it hadn’t been for her. I certainly don’t mind comparisons with Billie but I think people will compare us. That’s a compliment as she has had great success and she has paved the way for the likes of me."
The Doctor Won't Forget
David Tennant has given an interview to the Sci Fi Channel Website and has told how the Doctor might not get over Billie's character Rose Tyler as quickly as viewers expected him to:
"As with any big relationship, it takes time for the scars to heal," Tennant said. "Perhaps the Doctor feels like he's dealt with it, but Martha (his new assistant) might disagree."
He also told how filming Billie's farewell scenes made the pair get a tad teary eyed:
"She is a great actor and had become a great friend. It's also a beautifully written scene, and even when we ran through the lines together on the makeup bus that morning, we started sniffling. In fact, in the video diaries on the DVD you can see us both have a good old weep about the whole thing."
Read the whole interview with David here.
Site Updates!
22/01/2007, 15:39pm GMT
Billie At No.17
Billie has entered the Official UK Music Chart at No.17 on downloads only!
Honey To The Bee was originally released in the UK in April 1999 and made it to No.3 at the peak of Billie's pop career.
Read news articles about it here.
New Avatars
We have added some new avatars for you to use on the forum here.
New Doctor Who Exhibitions
The biggest ever Doctor Who exhibition will be opening in Manchester on 31st March 2007 at The Museum Of Science and Industry.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to get up close to props and costumes from the drama and new items from the third series will be added as they are seen on TV.
Tickets an be purchased for the exhibition from TicketWeb.
Further information can be found on The Museum Of Science and Industry website.
There is also an exhibition opening in Lands End at Easter further details can be found on the Lands End Landmark website.
Site Updates!
19/01/2007, 18:35pm GMT
Buzzing Up and Up!
Honey To The Bee is continuing to buzz it's way up the download charts!
It is currently at No.3 on MSN Downloads and No.5 on iTunes.
Do your duty Piper fans!
PS Who's up for a bit of the same with Day & Night next week! ;)
Meanwhile BBC Newsround have picked up on the story of how Doctor Who fans are trying to get Billie's track and Love Don't Roam, which was featured in The Runaway Bride into the Top Ten!
Thanks to Charlotte for the iTunes update!
Gallery Updates
Scans of the art work from Billie's albums have been added along with some scans from the latest issue of Hello! and an old 1999 copy of Ministry. See them here.
Site Updates!
18/01/2007, 18:22pm GMT
Why You Gotta Play That Song So Loud?!
Honey To The Bee is continuing to climb the iTunes download chart and is currently at No.8!
Click the banner at the top of the page to download the track.
You can also watch the video and lear the lyrics in our updated Music section.
Site Updates!
17/01/2007, 17:30pm GMT
Billie's Stage Debut!
Click pic to enlarge!
Billie made her stage debut in Treats at the Theate Royal in Windsor last night.
The above photo shows Billie in charcter as Ann. The play opens with journalist Ann (Billie) and her earnest new boyfriend Patrick (Laurence Fox) being disturbed by her furious ex, Dave (Kris Marshall).
As the story unfolds, Ann has to choose between the kind but dull Patrick and the intoxicating but cruel Dave. The audience is left guessing to the end whether Ann will follow her head or her heart.
Billie certainly impressed the theatre goers many of them praising her convincing performance - she was given a round of applause for simply walking onto stage!!
  • If you would like to book tickets for Treats at the Theatre Royal, Windsor then phone the box office on 01753 853888 or click here to buy them via their website.
    The play transfers to the West End on 28th February.

Billie In The Charts Again!

Billie is storming her way up the charts again and all without singing a note! It's all down to Radio One DJ Chris Moyles and a chane in the way the charts are counted to include downloads. Chris played Billie's 1999 hit single Honey To The Bee on his show to see if people would be encouraged to download the track and make it a hit all over again. And it seems to be working, with Honey To The Bee currently at No.29 in the Official Download chart today, it is expected to make the Top 20 when the chart is annonced on Sunday! Do your bit and downlaod it now! It looks like Billie the pop star is back!

Gallery Updates

Lots of new photos have been added to the gallery including some new *old* photo shoots, behind the scenes of Much Ado About Nothing etc All worth a browse. See them here.

Site Updates!
16/01/2007, 09:47am GMT
Downloads Updates
Lots of new wallpapers of Billie have been added here.
Along with some new MSN icons here.
Gallery Updates
The gallery has been updated with some photos of Billie and her new boyfriend, Laurence Fox. There are also some 'new' old pics of Billie and Chris. See them here.
Site Updates!
15/01/2007, 21:11pm GMT
Billie At Breakfast
Billie Piper in the Breakfast studio
Billie was on BBC Breakfast this morning to chat about her new play Treats.
She's making her theatre debut in a revival of the play, which was first produced at the Royal Court more than 30 years ago.
She admitted she is already suffering from first night nerves:
"I care about this so much more than the singing, that's why I'm so nervous."
When shown Rose Tyler's final scenes in Doctor Who she said:
"That was the real deal, it was heartbreaking because we got on so well. But I wanted to get out before I was too scared to."
  • You can watch the interview with Billie via the BBC Breakfast News Website here.
Doctor Who Sweeps The Board At The BBC Drama Awards!
(And we get a mention too!)
Billie and the Doctor Who team have swept the board at the BBC Drama Awards!
Billie won the Best Actress Award with a whopping 42.74% of the votes!
Her co star David Tennant walked away with Best Actor with a massive 39.96% of the vote!
Doctor Who, perhaps unsurprisingly, won Best Drama with 31.33% of the vote.
Rose's emotional exit from the show also managed to clinch the Favourite Moment Award with 27.25%! And the Daleks Vs Cybermen battle also got a worthy mention.
The Doctor Who website won Best Drama Website and was also placed at No.17!!
So thanks to all of you who nominated us and who voted for Billie!
Full Results Below:
Best Actress
1. Billie Piper 42.74%
2. Ruth Wilson 16.01%
3. Lucy Griffiths 11.03%
4. Amanda Mealing 5.65%
5. Lacey Turner 2.69%
Best Actor
1. David Tennant 39.96%
2. Jonas Armstrong 13.25%
3. Toby Stephens 10.49%
4. Richard Armitage 4.97%
5. John Simm 3.09%
Best Drama
1. Doctor Who 31.33%
2. Robin Hood 19.38%
3. Jane Eyre 12.08%
4. Life On Mars 6.37%
5. Holby City 5.29%
Favouite Moment
1. Rose's Exit (Doctor Who) 27.25%
2. Jane and Rochester Reunited (Jane Eyre) 4.11%
3. Daleks Vs Cybermen (Doctor Who) 4.08%
4. Ruth's Exit (Spooks) 2.49%
5. Marion Accepts Guy's Proposal (Robin Hood) 2.05%
Best Drama Website
1. Doctor Who
2. Robin Hood
3. Spooks
4. EastEnders
5. Torchwood
Our Network sister site was he highest placed non BBC site coming in at No.9 and of course we,, came in at No.17!
  • Visit the BBC Drama Awards Site here!
Doctor Who Adventures #21
Click pic to enlarge!
Billie features on the cover of the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Issue No 21)
Issue 21 of Doctor Who Magazine hits the shelves on Wednesday and takes a look at 'Bad Wolf' - the 9th Doctor adventure which saw the surprise return of the Daleks.
Also inside are detailed instructions on building your own K-9 mask and the concluding part the current comic strip adventure.
Plus there's a chance to discover 20 things about the TARDIS with an amazing fact file and posters of the Empress of the Racnoss, Rose and the Daleks, Novice Hame and the Moxx of Balhoon.
The issue comes with a set of  Doctor Who playing cards and instructions on playing some fun Who card games.
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 21, priced 1.99, is out on Wednesday 17 January 2007.
Site Updates!
11/01/2007, 20:11pm GMT
Doctor Who Illustrations
We'd just like to point you in the direction of a fabulous new website Gravis Art.
The site features a collection of drawings, many featuring Billie, by Anthony Dry.
You may recognise the above drawing of the Doctor and Rose as it was featured in the booklet for The Complete Second Series DVD Boxset. The site is well worth a visit, the images are truly fantastic!
Much Ado About Nothing Screening In Oz
Much Ado About Nothing will be screened on ABC in Australia on 14/01/2007 at 20:30pm.
Site Updates!
09/01/2007, 17:24pm GMT
The Ruby In The Smoke To Be Aired In The USA!
The Ruby In The Smoke wil air on Masterpiece Theatre on 04/02/2007 between 21:00 and 22:30 ET.
To find out more about The Ruby In The Smoke click here.
Billie Loses Swindon Popularity Poll
Billie lost out on winning the Swindon Advertiser Person Of The Year award to a local MP, but we bet he hasn't got a National Television Award! ;)
Site Updates!
05/01/2007, 19:31pm GMT
Get Your Treats Tickets
Treats will be starting soon so make sure you get tickets for it as soon as possible. The details on how to purchase them for the pre West End tour are below:
Theatre Royal, Windsor : 16th January - 27th January
Box Office: 01753 853888
The Malvern Theatre, The Malvern Hills: 29th January - 3rd February
Box Office: 01684 892277
The Theatre Royal, Bath: 5th February - 10th February
Box Office: 01225 448844
The Richmond Theatre, Surrey: 12th February - 17th February
Box Office: 08700 606651
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park starring Billie as Fanny Price is due on ITV in March as part of their Jane Austen series.