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May 2007

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Site Updates!
26/05/2007, 11:12am
Billie Nominated for TV Quick / TV Choice Award!
Billie has been nominated for the Best Actress award, for her role as Fanny Price in Mansfield Park, at this year's TV Quick / TV choice Awards.

Billie On The Hits Today!

Music channel The Hits are having a Teen Pop day today with Jojo's Top 50 Teen Superstars, the fun kicks off at 13:00pm and Billie is featured in the advertisement for the show. You can watch the Hits on Freeview Channel 18, Sky Channel 358 and Virgin TV 330/320.

Children's TV On Trial

The Doctor Who episode, The Idiot's Lantern, starring Billie as Rose Tyler will be shown on BBC Four on Tuesday 29th May at 20:10pm as part of the Children's TV On Trial series.

Gallery Update

There has been an update to the gallery with some photoshoot pics added. More will be added very soon.

Treats Closing Night

Billie's play Treats closes tonight. She will begin filming on Belle De Jour soon, we will give you more details as we get them.

Site Updates!
12/05/2007, 17:54pm BST
Lack Of Updates
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but whilst Billie has been appearing in Treats there hasn't been much real news to report on.
We will be adding photo updates to the site in the next few days though so at least that should be something to look forward to.
FHM Top 100
Billie made it in to FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women Poll at a respectable No.46 so well done if you voted for her!
Billie NOT On MySpace
Just a heads up that the 'Billie Piper' MySpace is NOT written by Billie. If you require further persuasion that this is the case write to Billie's agents.