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I Don't Do Drugs..I'm Weak Due To Heartbreak!

I don't do drugs...I'm weak due to heartbreak

The Sun 19 June 2000

BILLIE talks of her collapse at nightclub

TEEN pop sensation Billie Piper last night denied rumours that her dramatic collapse in a nightclub was linked to drugs.

The 17-year-old sparked health fears when she suddenly keeled over frothing at the mouth on a night out with pals in London.

But she blamed a kidney infection brought on by stress and the heartache of her romantic break-up with Ritchie Neville, singer with boy band Five.

Speaking faintly from her hospital bed, Billie insisted to The Sun: "It has nothing to do with drugs - I don't do drugs.

"There has been quite a lot of stuff that's happened over the last couple of months and I think it has all got on top of me.

"I've had this infection before and it may be a recurring thing when I'm rundown and tired.

"I felt numb and heartbroken about Ritchie. I'm still getting used to being on my own after such a long relationship.


"I was ill and now I'm just a bit weak. Because I am in the spotlight and people are waiting for me to make mistakes they just like to link my name to drugs.

"Drugs are in your face all the time but you have just got to distance yourself from them."

She added: "I go out and do normal things because I don't want to reach 30 and be insecure and never go out.

"But I can't win because I'm made out to be a wild child and people think everything I'm drinking is alcoholic."

Billie, whose last song Day and Night went straight to the top of the charts, parted from Ritchie in May after 18 months.

The pop beauty revealed she had been feeling ill for most of the day on Friday but decided to go ahead with the night out.

She passed out after nipping to the loo in Covent Garden's trendy Bar 38. She had told friends a stomach pain was so bad she wanted to see a doctor.

A woman onlooker said: "Her eyes were rolling and she was foaming at the mouth."

Billie, who has been travelling around Europe promoting Day And Night, said: "The pain first came on Friday afternoon. I thought I'd go out and take my mind off it but as the hours went by it got really bad.

"One minute I was talking to my friends saying I had to go to hospital, then I had the biggest head rush ever and I collapsed.

"Some guy I don't even know just lifted me up and carried me out."

The star, from Swindon, Wilts, is due out of hospital today and plans to spend a week at home.

She said: "I'm a bit weak but apart from that I'm fine. I'm just in bed. I've got so many flowers it's like a florist's in here. I'm going to chill for about a week and stay in bed. I need rest."

Last night Sun reader Adam Clarke, 27, emerged as the mystery man who carried Billie out.

Entertainment company boss Adam said: "There was a crowd of us chatting when all of a sudden Billie passed out. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her car.

"Her friends told me they would take her to the hospital. She seemed to be really ill but I know she hadn't been drinking and I'm pretty sure it wasn't drugs."