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Episode Guide

Freema Agyeman
Also In This Section: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Series One | Episode One
Belle introduces herself as a fun-loving call girl whose services do not come cheap. Her business is to understand what her clients are after and deliver it on the double - however bizarre. When a shy first-timer pays her a visit, he's reluctant to admit that he's aroused by the idea of having sex in a stable. But Belle is a professional and takes pride in her ability to satisfy his needs.
Series One | Episode Two
Aleksandar, one of Belle's new clients, invites her to an orgy for London's rich and powerful. But when she gets there she spots her favourite author Jay Lorre and realises she's going to have to shake off Aleksandar or miss out on a night of passion with her number one fantasy man. However, her scheming is interrupted by a call from the hospital, where her sister has gone into labour.
Series One | Episode Three
An all-night booking for Belle often means thinking of something to do when her client finally falls asleep. This can happen even when she's with one of her favourite regulars, like Ashok. Stuck in a hotel and unable to sleep, Belle leaves Ashok to his slumbers and heads for the bar where she's approached by a man who has realised she's an escort. Should she take up the stranger's offer and pick up some extra cash, or do the right thing and fulfil her obligations to Ashok?
Series One | Episode Four
Ben and Belle fall out when Ben announces that he is getting married and Belle realises he has been keeping quiet about the engagement for some time. Troubled by his secrecy, she focuses on satisfying the latest of her clients' demands. One of her regulars, Larry, wants some S&M, so Belle books in for a training session with a professional dominatrix.
Series One | Episode Five
Belle has never found relationships with women easy, so she's unenthusiastic when Ashok requests a threesome with another girl. Nonetheless, she arranges a meeting with Naomi, a much more experienced escort, and together they plan the ménage à trois. Meanwhile, Ben is still wondering how to reconnect with Belle after the shock of her recent revelations.
Series One | Episode Six
Belle's business suffers when she gets some bad press on the internet, so she agrees to take a booking at midnight. But her friendly stranger is not all he seems, and things turn nasty. When Ben hears of Belle's narrow escape, he persuades her to take a break from work. As she expects, Belle finds the routine of normal life dull - until she accepts a date from a good-looking shop assistant.
Series One | Episode Seven
When a client asks for a foursome, Belle is surprised and rather aggrieved by Ben's suggestion that he make up the quartet. Reminding him that there is a degree of skill and expertise to her job, she insists Ben undergo an interview, but then relents and agrees to give him a chance. When the other couple finally arrive, all goes well, until Ben realises that dispassionate sex with Belle is not as straightforward as he had hoped.
Series One | Episode Eight
Mitchell, a wealthy American, thinks Belle would be better suited to the sophisticated and lucrative life of a courtesan. Willing to try anything once, Belle agrees to meet up with Mitchell's elite international group of high-class prostitutes, and soon finds herself accepted as one of their number. Belle sees a chance to break free of Stephanie - until she realises that being a courtesan is not unlike being a well-paid wife.