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Billie & Her Fans : Growing Pains Book Signings

Billie Meets Her Fans!

If you have been lucky enough to meet Billie and have your photo taken with her, why not send it in to us and we will display them on the site!!
Send photos in an email marked 'Yes I Met Billie!' to
Below are some pics of fans who have met Billie! Click on the pics to view them larger.
Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page!
Fiona England got to meet Billie in Waterstones in London!
"On Monday 23rd October. I went to the Waterstone's in Oxford Street to get my book signed. I had to wait for about an hour in the queue, but it was really worth waiting. I was shaking and I felt so star struck when I met her, but she was so lovely. To everyone, she spent quite a lot of time talking to everyone who got their book signed.
She said she liked my jumper as it was PunkyFish, and she wears a lot of that in Doctor Who. I was so shy, but not that shy, that I didn't talk, I had a really nice conversation with her and then a Waterstone's man asked if I wanted my photo taken with her, and I said yes of course. I was a great day, on that I'll never forget!!"
Stephanie was also lucky enough to meet up with Billie!
Clem says meeting Billie was the best day of her life!
Lucky Lara got to meet Billie in Cardiff!!
"Meeting Billie was the best day of my whole life! She was absolutely gorgeous, and so natural and modest- really easy to talk to. I was amazed to have a picture taken with her, and I haven't been able to forget it since. It was an incredible experience for me and I will never forget it - she is such a lovely and genuine person. "
Kaushi and Jade met Billie in London!!
"It was the best day of the year for us hehe!!"
Immi met Billie in Oxford!
Melissa was an extra special and lucky fan! She and her mum were the last people to meet Billie in Leeds!
"As I am a big fan of Dr Who I was really excited when I heard that Billie Piper was coming to Leeds.  My mum took me to WH Smith in the school holidays, but when we got there they told us that we couldn't join the queue as it was too long.  I was really disappointed but we decided to wait for 2 hours until the end and see if they could fit us in.  Just before she went they chose 3 people to go in and we were chosen as the last people of the day, we just made it!  I felt really special and lucky and I was amazed that I met Billie Piper and I was really happy!"
Peter and his daughter Jade met Billie in Oxford!!
Steve Corke had a great time when he met Billie in London!
"After getting on the train at Hastings station at 8am I arrived in London at 10am and made my way to Waterstones in Oxford street. Arriving at the shop just after 10.15 I discovered that I was second in the queue!! WOW!!  Then I prepared myself for the very long wait but I knew it would be worth the wait as to meet Billie would be a dream come true! To my suprise the morning went by quickly helped by the  fact that I got talking to fellow fans who very kindly saved my place when I needed to visit the little boys room!By 4.30 the queue was growing all the time and by 6pm there was no room at the inn!! As soon as Bilie walked in the room the press went beserk, cameras flashing and the photographers barking orders for Billie to look their way!As soon as the press had taken the pictures they wanted the signing session began. Billie was lovely, so friendly, warm, down to earth. She asked me how long I had been waiting and was shocked to hear that I had been there since 10am!! She was also taken back by four books that I had brought for her to sign. I thanked her for her time and she thanked me so much for coming.Meeting Billie was a dream come true! she was everything I thought she'd be and more! I was delighted with the picture we had taken."
Mel went along to the signing in Cardiff!
"It was a really special day not to be forgotton. And she was so nice and sweet in person as I imagined her. She's a really nice person.
I was so incredibly lucky to see her."
Rachel also met Billie in Cardiff!
"I was really nervous before meeting her but when I did she was lovley and I am so happy I have a pic with her. It was the best day of my life!"
Sam met Billie in Manchester!
"She looked gorgeous and I am officially in love with her!"
Dan and his friend Becky queued for hours to meet Billie.
"It was well worth it!"
Jenny was pleased to meet the lovely Billie!
"I met Billie Piper and it was the best day of my life!
Billie was so nice!"
Tanya met Billie in Liverpool!
"As you can see I was so exited I burst into tears. She stood up and gave me a hug because I was upset. I was really lucky to meet her and it was the best day of my life, as i am a massive fan of hers. Thanx Billie for signing my book!
I also love Doctor Who so I got her to sign my Doctor Who magazine."
Kevin also met Billie in Waterstones in Liverpool!
"I joined the already long queue at 1:40 and met Billie at 4:15! A long wait but well worth it!!!"
Nicky and her daughtr Lilly met Bille in Manchester!
"After queuing for 3 hours in the Trafford Centre, Manchester (we were third in the queue I think) my daughter Lilly and I met the fantastic Billie. She was lovely; really chatty and friendly. Lilly gave her the teddy you see in the photo and I think she was genuinely chuffed. She signed in Manchester for two hours and the queue was massive. I hope everyone who queued got to meet Billie as she was so fab!"
Violet went along to Manchester with her mum to meet Billie.
"She is my hero.  She was very warm, and called me 'sweetpeas'.  She smiled so beautifully and was kind to all the children, and she had lovely hair."
Tarn and her friend met Billie in Leeds!
"My dad took me and a friend to Leeds, even though it took 2 hours!! We were near the front of the queue so didnt have to wait very long after she arrived, I was shaking the whole time but managed to speak and give her the poem I wrote for her - it's about Rose after Doomsday, she looked sad when I told her this. Bless her. It was an amazing day and Billie is so great I cant find good enough words to describe her!"
Gerry and Sinead O'keeffe met Billie in Liverpool!
"My Daughter and I came up from Stoke-on-Trent to Waterstones in Liverpool, waited about 3 hours, but we both loved it, she was so friendly and welcoming. Well worth the wait!! We both think she is a brilliant actress and will miss her in Doctor Who."
Becky was thrilled to meet Billie!
Ian was pleased to meet Billie!
"It was fantastic! It was the best day of my life! I gave her the letter me and a friend wrote for her, and she took it happily.She was so nice and caring to all her fans, and I just want to say thank you!"
Polly met Billie in London!
"Billie's so lovely and even though I was star-struck and
didn't get to say much, it made my year!"