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Fan Reviews: Treats

Have you been to see Billie in Treats? Would you like to share your views on the play with other fans? Then email us at and mark your email 'Treats Review' Thanks!

Treats : Theatre Royal, Windsor : Gina Hunter

The play was really good, a mix of drama and comedy - though not as much romance and "torn between two lovers" as the advertising suggested, it was more dramatic than that, with some really strong, well played scenes. Billie was absolutley brilliant, and showed what a versatile actress she is in terms of changing from one emotion to the other. Towards the end of the play there is a 2-3 minute scene of just her crying, in a really emotional state and everyone in the theatre was so impressed by someone who could have such stage presence without actually saying anything. Laurence Fox and Kris Marshall were excellent as well. I actually managed to see Kris in the bar before the show and he was really lovely, though sadly I didn't get to see Billie (though the bar staff said she was really sweet). It's defintley an adult play, and there were signs outside the theatre saying it wasn't suitable for young fans. Older fans of Billie and Dr Who would love it, general theatre-goers would love it too. Its a really good play, in terms of the acting talent, and the stage presence of all three members of cast. From fans, to people who just wanted to have a night out at the theatre to see a play, I got the impression that everyone was really impressed. I think Billie had a lot to live up to in a lot of people's eyes that evening - due to being the most famous out of the cast. I overheard some people in the bar before the start, gossiping away about her being in Doctor Who and being married to Chris Evans, and from the audience reaction at the end (about 70% of the audience were over 40 I reckon!), , everyone was cheering and everyone was impressed. It didn't have to be a hilarious, kitsch over-the-top romance story, it was more real and down to earth. About how modern relationships work and what happens when people split up, how we deal with it and move on  - and if we can't move on properly, how we deal with rebound romances when we don't want to be alone, just for the sake of having someone to make us feel wanted again. I'd defintley see the play again, Laurence and Kris were great, but Billie was the real star of the show. I think its popularity will gain more momentum when it transfers to London. Great for any fans of drama. Please do more plays Billie!!!

Treats: Theatre Royal, Windsor: Mel Jowett

I went to see Treats in Windsor and I thought it was amzingly
I wasn't going to be able to go because I became really ill the day
before but with the help of my mate lara we made it there and was ableto watch it. When I was watching it I didn't want it to end and I just wanted to be third row from the front so close (yet so far) from
She acted really well and although she started out looking truly
nervous she finsihed the monst confident person I have ever seen! She played really well against Kris Marshall and Laurance Fox who were also both brilliant. The play in itself was amazing you go through the ups and downs with Billie's character Ann but even though you don't get to see as much of Billie's smile as you would like she does occasionally. I thought it was really well acted and very realistic you really felt you were there in that flat with her and you just wanted to stop Dave abusing her but couldn't. It was such a sad ending and I went away with the begginnings of tears as well as the fact that i wouldnt be able to tell herhow much we loved it. But we were lucky after asking the main backstage guy we found out she was on her way in out of the theatre,  the back way. So with a quick sprint, that almost killed me I swear, I was able to see her whizz past us hurrying into the italian next door. I shoved the chocolates we got her into her hand and tell her how much we loved it and she seemed so surprised which was unusual she was extremely modest but I hope what we said made her see how brilliant she was even though many others would have said the same. All in all she was amazing in Treats, she looks great and is as kind and sweet as ever!
It was an amzing trip and well worth it even though I was ill!!

Treats : Theatre Royal, Windsor : Lara Ulrich

I was also lucky enough to be able to see Billie in Treats on the 27th January in Windsor. It was absolutely amazing, and I went with my best mate Mel. Before the show we decided to buy her some chocolates in case we met her although this was very unlikely, and we had written a letter each to give to her. The show was amazing-she played her part perfectly, giving such a realistic performance of Anne. There was one scene in which she, on her own, had to cry continually and it was so moving-it brought much of the theatre to tears in including myself. Billie is as perfect on stage as on screen and it was a truly wonderful performance. We were so lucky afterwards to meet her- I couldn't believe it! We ran round the entrance and there she was!! with Lawrence Fox. She bothered to stop and talk to us, so we could hand her our letters and present in person and she even held my hand! She is so lovely and modest- and her smile is so irresistible!! It was a wonderful day and Billie was absolutely fantastic- but isn't she always?!